“The Masses Are Asses”: Hamilton Sucks

“The Masses are Asses” is a quote attributed to Alexander Hamilton and the contempt he had for the average person, something ironic in that the average person seems to rave about the musical ‘Hamilton.’

Marxist revision of American History and ‘cancel culture’ seem to be the themes of 2020. Fallacy ridden schemes like the ‘1619 Project’ have gone as far as to claim that the Revolutionary War was actually fought to keep slavery in the Colonies, not obtain independence from a tyrannical Monarchy and is now being found in public school curriculum despite being refuted at every turn.

This kind of absurd and offensive historical revision ironically brings ‘Hamilton’ into the cross-hairs of the cancel culture mob. ‘Hamilton’ is an obscenely successful, politically charged musical that relies on rap and a “colorblind” cast to retell the history of Alexander Hamilton and the American Revolution (except for King George who is still a white villain).

Michelle Obama described the musical as “the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life”, something I find disturbing from someone who claims to have graduated from Princeton.

Despite the success it has boasted, the mainstream left has also come to agree that Hamilton presents problems; mainly that if the founding fathers were black, how can they then pin the woes of the modern African American on white Colonial era slavery?

This would “dangerously” imply that maybe modern levels of African American crime, poverty, incarceration, fatherlessness, etc. would have to be viewed introspectively rather than projected onto modern white Americans in an attempt to extract reparations.

Historian Lyra Monteiro states that, “Unless one listens carefully to the lyrics—which mention slavery a handful of times—one could easily assume that slavery did not exist in this world.” This would almost seem deliberate on the part of the author of ‘Hamilton’ in discreetly implying that if black people had been the founding fathers of this country, that slavery may have never existed at all…that slavery is an inherently white institution.  

History contradicts this wishful revisionism, however. Historical records consistently reveal that it was common practice to find black slave owners in the Colonies (see the Census of 1830) and that even one of the first slave owners in North America was a black man named Anthony Johnson who learned the practice of slavery from Portuguese Brazil (where the vast majority of Africans were enslaved in the Western hemisphere).

“Artistic guerrilla warfare against the Historical Establishment” is what Ishamael Reed, a left leaning African American playwright and Author, calls ‘Hamilton.’

It would seem ‘Hamilton’ is creating too many problems even for the new radical left and is now being called for cancellation from platforms like Disney+ which had recently added the playwright to its browsing lists.

While I am tempted to allow the Left to “eat their own” on this one, I will still attempt to briefly analyze the real problems culturally cancerous entertainment like ‘Hamilton’ present.

Firstly, let me say how thrilled I am that ‘Hamilton’ may finally be demonized by the very people who forced its praise for the last several years. I have lost count of the times I have been asked if I had seen it or the vapid reasons as to why I should.

I’ve been asked by friend and foe alike “why don’t you like Hamilton?” I always answered that question the same way: “Would you like if someone like Mel Gibson authored a playwright about Martin Luther King Jr. or Fredrick Douglas and cast a white man as the lead?”

Eyes widen and mouths drop… “That would be racist!” is the typical response. There you have it.  Why then, are these same people openly celebrating the offensive “creative liberty” that is Hamilton? 

Believe it or not, the Founding Fathers of this great nation were indeed white.

Even if I were able to ignore the ‘black-washing’ of Alexander Hamilton, I would not be able to accept the portrayal of Mr. Hamilton as an open border, multi-cultural progressive “man of the people.” The pretentious line, “Immigrants! We’ll get the job done” still makes me nauseous having heard the line repeated in a recent blockbuster, ‘Knives Out.’

Alexander Hamilton was arguably the most aristocratic of the founding fathers. Remember when Democrats and liberals railed against the Electoral College, claiming it was an elitist structure created by old, white racists that led to Donald Trump being elected? The Electoral College was Hamilton’s brain child.

While I actually support the idea of the Electoral College, Alexander Hamilton is still a problematic figure in American history and hardly one to be celebrated so passionately regardless of pigmentation.

Firstly, he was a British Tory; he never denounced this affiliation meaning his allegiance was to the British crown even if covertly. Although he briefly fought in the American Revolution, he is the main reason the British were able to later infiltrate our banking institutions.

Before the United States Constitution, the Articles of Confederation were the law of the land which he supported due to its vagueness in wording and interpretation.

Here is a direct quote from Hamilton, the white one, in regards to how he felt about the wording of the later established Constitution: “Constitutions should consist only of general provisions; the reason is that they must necessarily be permanent, and that they cannot calculate for the possible change of things.”

This statement would reflect the reasons why Hamilton preferred the Articles of Confederation which did not lay out a uniform system of currency or a specific national power of taxation like Article I Section 3 of the Constitution later did. Hamilton argued that these powers would simply be “implied” and not worth specific dictation. Luckily, the other Founders disregarded this advice.

Hamilton was, however, still able to maneuver himself and his Imperial handlers into a powerful position within the emerging Nation. Upon George Washington becoming President of the United States, he appointed Alexander Hamilton as the first Treasury Secretary. As the Secretary of Treasury, his first order of business was to establish a central monetary system and currency.  

The underwriter of what would become the First Bank of the United States was the Bank of New York which Alexander Hamilton conveniently co-owned.

The underwriters of the Bank of New York were members of the Bank of England which operated under the auspices of the Crown. Once established in this position, he also supported the creation of a national debt: “A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing.”

His reasoning, briefly summarized, is that in order for an emerging nation to foster trade with its neighbors and European powers, a line of credit would have to be established. A line of credit would not be possible without a national debt and a consistent history towards paying off that debt (the interest be damned).  

The same elites today (Rothchilds, Rockefellers) own and operate the private Federal Reserve Bank to which our government now owes trillions in un-backed currency, courtesy of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (an amount far beyond “excessive” as Hamilton originally claimed).

HBO’s ‘John Adams’ while imperfect, has a fictional interaction between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in regards to his concerns with central banking. I will link the youtube clip at the bottom of the article.

The line that most resonated with me is Jefferson stating: “I fear our great revolution will have been in vain if a Virginia farmer is to be held in hock to a New York stock-jobber who in turn is in hock to a London banker…the opportunities for avarice and corruption would certainly prove irresistible.”

Whether or not enslavement to fractional reserve banking was his intended goal, Mr. Hamilton certainly understood the effect of money and interest on a population when he stated: “Power over a man’s subsistence (salary) is power over his will.” Cancel culture operates in the same way, threatening the livelihood of those who dare question the narrative.

For an in-depth history and analysis of the Federal Reserve and its origins, I highly recommend “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”  

Despite its relevance to the modern American, a centralized banking system run by the same powerful elites who originally brought slavery to Virginia and the Colonies isn’t something I believe black Hamilton raps about.

Another problem with Hamilton the musical is that it glorifies fatherlessness instead of pointing to the obvious detriments it has had on society and the black community. Alexander Hamilton’s father abandoned him and his family at a young age as the man was a bigamist and fled to escape prosecution.

‘Hamilton’, through the statistically unlikely success of its muse, seems to portray fatherlessness (something exceeding 77 percent in black communities) as an advantage or an inspiration that can lead to a revolution rather than a negative cultural trend that has caused significant suffering for communities it affects the greatest.

BLM and Antifa members clearly believe in this kind of revolution as members often have ‘Hamilton’ songs and quotes plastered across their social media pages as they tear down statues of our founders and vandalize crosses in graveyards and church buildings.

George Washington’s Farewell address, ironically penned by Alexander Hamilton, states that such revolution cannot be successful without morality and religion, however; something they witnessed firsthand with the bloody French Revolution that ravaged the country.

Washington states: “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle…. Who that is a sincere friend to it, can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?”

Hamilton is a divisive piece of propaganda that insults not only the memory of our Founders and modern White Americans, but also the Black historical community who would be led to believe that the only accomplishments they are capable of, rely on pretending to be someone else.

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7 thoughts on ““The Masses Are Asses”: Hamilton Sucks

  1. I threw up after 3 minutes of this bull shit movie what ever it is. I love the Chiefs, but! If they take a knee, any of them then I will no longer be a fan!


  2. Of course Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton! Your racist diatribe only highlights your owner bitter bias and shortsightedness. Try Love.


    1. The only racism here comes from people who write and produce trash like Hamilton where they insert their race into the accomplishments of others. Try thinking…but I doubt you’re capable.


      1. Jared have you actually even seen the musical?

        The play was a rebuttal against on the outdated theater troops that were running rampant during its era.

        It’s exactly why it had a predominantly non-white cast and utilize styles that weren’t seen on Broadway all that often.

        Trying to push this is some sort of double standard is comically missing the point.


      2. “against on the theater troops”? Learn to proof read and provide evidence to your nonsense before you respond and maybe I’ll understand what you’re talking about.

        And why was King George still the white villain, then? Hmm…


      3. Firstly, I’m not a native speaker, and secondly Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson are the main villains of the musical.

        I also find it humorous that you want to talk about something being nonsensical when you believe this play promotes being fatherless and how it plays into leftist revisionism.


  3. It’s the definition of leftist revisionism and you haven’t provided a shred of a counter argument. You clearly don’t know anything about Alexander Hamilton or any of the Founding Fathers if you believe Jefferson was a villain.


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