Meet Our Staff





Editor X is one of the founding members of American Watchmen.  He has been an avid follower of politics since he was a teenager and has been writing on politics for over a decade.


Joshua Johnson is one of the founding members of American Watchmen & our Personnel Manager. Josh has previously written at Red Millennial and 2AO Nation. He also currently writes for the Federalist Papers and identifies as a Buckley Conservative. He can be followed on Twitter at: @JJohnson_AW.


Adam Hill is one of the founding members of American Watchmen and our Social Media Manager, as well as Technical Advisor. He also currently writes for Red Millennial. Adam is currently serving in the United States Navy Reserves and identifies as a Constitutional Conservative and a Rand Paul supporter. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado and works in the I.T. industry.

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Sam Whitfield is an Editor and Co-founder of American Watchmen as well as  Program Director for The AW Podcast Network. His Internet Radio program The Whitfield Analysis, has quickly become a staple for young conservatives across the nation and has even been syndicated on multiple digital platforms. Sam is an Editor and co-founder of American Watchmen.  He is also the author of The espionage/special ops short story “American Instinct”. He was born in Denver, Colorado and now lives in South Florida.


Mark Kahanding was born in Los Angeles on July 25, 1996. Mark has been interviewed by Brietbart, Alliance Defending Freedom and Young Americans for Freedom. He has also been on CSPAN He has been quoted on The Blaze, Daily Caller and College Fix. Mark has also been mentioned on USA Today, Daily Wire, Inside Higher Ed, Examiner, Breitbart and Red Alert Politics. Mark writes for American Watchman and The Rabble-Rouser.


Rosemarie Ferraro was born on July 16th, 1998 in NYC, where she lived until August of 2016, when she relocated to Virginia to attend the University of Richmond. She currently studies international economics, is a member of UR College Republicans and the law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, and is the President of a pro-life group she started with the help of her roommate. A young, middle-class, non-religious Hispanic female from the most populous city in the country, Rose totally defies the stereotype that conservatives are just old, rich, Christian white men living in rural America.


Michael Hunt is a young Conservative and a member of the Young American’s for Freedom Foundation. He goes to Golden Valley High School where he participates in Air Force Junior ROTC and Computer Science Programs.


Andrew Stutsman is a proud Chinese-American immigrant.  Andrew always had the passion for conservative values and wanting to make a positive change in his community. At the age of twelve, he started to be very active in politics; he turned the passion into action by publishing conservative articles, co-hosting podcast shows, and participated in online political organizations. When he was fourteen, he joined the Civil Air Patrol (United States Air Force Auxiliary). He currently is serving in the executive leadership for the Cadet Program, Cadet Commander of a nationally recognized (FVCS Varsity Team) Cyber-defensive Team for Civil Air Patrol and CyberPatriot, Cadet Information Technology Officer.