Reading Into The Tea Leaves

It’s become fairly common for pundits, analysts and all types of political junkies to read into early voting numbers based on a whole host of things; party affiliation of returned ballots, gender, location and so on. While the proliferation of … Continue reading Reading Into The Tea Leaves

Oh, How One Can Hope

In recent weeks, with a spate of optimistic polling for Democrats and Trump aligned Republicans winning their primaries (the love for Liz Cheney is optimistic considering the media fed the meme of Dick Cheney being the Emperor from Star Wars) has given the party renewed optimism. This optimism is not just fed by polling and candidate quality but also legislative successes (well, what they call successes). First, Democrats passed with a majority of GOP support a bipartisanship CHIPS bill. Then, right after, Democrats unveiled their reconciliation passed Inflation Reduction Act (Note: It just passed and no respectable economist expects it … Continue reading Oh, How One Can Hope