Why We Must Continue the Fight for Gun Rights

November 8th was a great day for America. President Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. We finally have a President who represents all Americans, including gun owners. President Trump is a second amendment advocate to a point. He recognizes the individual right to keep and bear arms. Trump could also be key in trying to get National Concealed Carry Reciprocity passed. For the first time since 1920, Republicans hold the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the majority of state Governorships.

With that being said, all is well for gun owners and second amendment advocates, right? Actually, that statement could not be further from the truth. Now is not the time for the pro-gun crowd to step back or become complacent. We need to keep fighting for gun rights like we did during the Obama presidency. We need to always be ready.

Even though the Supreme Court is likely to rule in favor of gun rights and with the Federal government being GOP controlled, the tenth amendment still exists. Cities and states are still able to pass their own gun control measures, especially the Blue cities and states.

Let’s take California for example. Several extremely restrictive gun laws go into effect this year. A few of them being needing a permit to bring ammo across state lines, requiring a background check to purchase ammunition, and an outright ban on ALL assault-style rifles. Apparently, they believe banning a rifle because of what it looks like will curb crime.

They also passed the gun safety restraining order law as well. This allows someone to say they feel uneasy about their neighbor owning guns. This then allows them to go to the court to request a gun safety restraining order, which allows the police to confiscate all guns and ammunition from the gun owner for up to 3 weeks with no charges or no probable cause.

Cities such as Seattle, New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago continue their assault on our God-given Second Amendment rights, regardless of who is in office or who controls Congress. On top of that, there is an even bigger reason to not give up the fight and be prepared.

We have all watched the news. The Left continues to become more violent and even more militant with each passing day. We all also saw the assassination attempt on some GOP congressmen a few weeks ago, by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Several Democratic politicians and supporters have even gone as far to say it is open hunting season on Republicans and Conservatives.

In addition, there is the Leftist extremist group called Antifa, who vow to resist Trump and his supporters by any and all means necessary, and even have threatened all-out war against those on the Right end of the political spectrum.

We can never give up the fight. We cannot let ourselves get complacent. We always need to be ready and be prepared. We cannot depend on who is elected into power to truly protect our right to keep and bear arms. The fight must continue no matter what party controls the country. Once we become complacent, that is when we lose.


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