Richard Spencer’s “Alt Right” Is Anything But America First

The Importance Of Watching Over Our Own Movement.

Back in August of last year, I wrote an article for this very publication in which I defined “The Alt-Right” as a pro-Americana and Pro-Free Speech Movement with a diverse mixture of liberty loving Americans who wanted to take Conservatism back from the outdated and elitist neocons, while simultaneously defeating the Radical Left’s Marxist/Globalist machine masquerading under the guise of social justice.

For the most part, I stand by everything that I wrote last year. The vast majority of Trump Supporters believe in Make America Great Again as a way of life for all natural born citizens, and legal immigrants alike. We recognize that the conservative movement is a big tent of individuals with different skill sets and different backgrounds, all coming together to promote American exceptionalism and patriotism for the 21st-century and beyond. During the 2016 Election, We saw ourselves as the alternative to an outdated and ineffectual Republican Party which would’ve proudly given us a low energy candidate like “Jeb!” Bush in the primaries, only to defeated by Hillary Clinton in the general. We took action choosing Donald J. Trump as the alternative candidate, and we miraculously won against all odds.

Following the election however, The New Right is divided again, fighting a civil war to define the future of what America First really means. Although many of us within this movement seek to further America First as a positive message, there are individuals such as White Nationalist Richard Spencer and his followers, who are attempting to claim the America First doctrine as a justification for ethno-nationalism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of bigotry as “concern for the future of White Americans” which does not reflect President Trump’s America First message. While I do agree that Affirmative Action and other Progressive policies have led to reverse discrimination against Caucasian Americans, turning to one extreme form of bigotry in order to defeat another is not only wrong, but also ineffective and stupid at the end of the day.

While I do advocate for and respect Spencer’s right to free speech under the First Amendment, I commend Lucian Wintrich, Laura Loomer, and others for standing up to Spencer’s bigotry and the true meaning of America First!

We here at American Watchmen know that holding our own side accountable is just as important as calling out the Radical Left, and we will continue to do so.


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