Why Russia Has the Moral High Ground

This is something that most Americans won’t acknowledge today and something that even ten or twenty years ago would not have even been considered possible.  But here we are with the Russian government holding the moral high ground over the United States and most of Europe.  Vladimir Putin and the rest of the government of the Russian Federation have proven to be an example to follow as opposed to something to be hated and feared.

Today, Russian citizens can safely walk their streets knowing that their government is looking out for them and is working diligently to keep them safe.  Something that is sadly not true in most of Europe.   Abroad, Russia has shown her commitment to stamping out terrorism without trying to force their brand of democracy down everyone’s throats, unlike NATO.  And also unlike NATO, Russian forces are actually getting results.

On the diplomatic front, the Kremlin has shown nothing but restraint and goodwill toward America despite the U.S. media crying “hackers!” and “election riggers” and the President trying to entirely derail relations with Russia.  The Russian government even invited all the children of U.S. diplomats to a Christmas celebration instead of throwing an Obama sized tantrum and kicking out our diplomats.

In many ways it appears that Russia is taking the lead on the world stage in showing everyone else how to run a country and deal with others, especially those who want nothing more for your country other than failure and dependence on the U.S.  I applaud President Putin for keeping the Russian people safe and for showing the rest of us that there is hope that the West will not collapse.


One thought on “Why Russia Has the Moral High Ground

  1. Good article and True , they say the American Government has been vetting hollywood scripts to make sure they tow the line . In the last couple years American media outlets have been caught with there pants down feeding BS storys that show America in a fictional light .Look at the ratings of RT news, it probably rates as the least biased news availible . Russia won the chess game in Syria Hands down whilst the Deep State funded and armed the Terrorists with ATGMS etc . The Deep State used propaganda to the max claiming the Russians were bombing hospitals one after another those claims were shown to be BS , meantime the deep state was levelling entire suburbs in Mosul etc killing civilians en-masse . Go Home America fix your roads and bridges give health care to your poor fix your education system basicly look after your own, the world no longer looks to you to police the planet ,a decent leading nation would be all over global warming ,reducing its military budgets and taking care of its own . Everything you do or say using electronic media is stored on file to keep you safe or so they say, the truth is they fear you waking up and demanding sanity/equity.


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