CNN, Fallout 4, & Fake News 

You might be wondering what is with the title of this article?

Well just recently CNN released an article about the supposed, “Russian Hacks” and in it they used an image familiar to Fallout players. The internet went crazy posting images from the beloved Fallout 4 video game and claiming it as news, to mock the fake mainstream news outlet. As a conservative and a MAJOR gamer I couldn’t help but laugh at CNN’s latest screw up.

What is also interesting to note is the lore of Fallout 4 does involve Russia (including fellow communist nations) and America nuking each other, which I’m sure the left wants during the Trump presidency, so they can blame the evil racist republicans.

Despite CNN’s outcry about, “fake news” they themselves are guilty of publishing less than stellar, “news” articles. For example, they went on a tirade about Trump consuming fried chicken while below they had briefly mentioned about 10 people who died in a chemical gas attack, in a desperate attempt to distract the public from what is actually happening. This is the same news outlet that said Clinton would win in a landslide, but November 8th showed that to be false. CNN also promulgated the “Hands Up Don’t shoot” narrative and surprisingly enough that was proven to be false as well. You might ask, why would CNN post about the alleged, “Russian hacks” even though the election is over?

The liberal mainstream media is DESPERATE to cause hell for the Trump Presidency, so if anything happened they would immediately blame Trump. Salon even blamed Trump a few weeks ago for bombings that were occurring in the Middle East. News flash to you leftists: Trump won’t be president until Janurary 20th.

Luckily Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin saw through this and posted a meme mocking the lame duck President.

To those who still believe in the “Russian hacks” let me ask you this, if it was true that the Russians hacked the election, then why is action only being taken now? Why not interfere in the middle of the election? Because everything failed. Modifying Poll numbers failed. Silencing the DNC leaks failed. Causing riots at Trump rallies failed. Everything around the left is collapsing, and like a desperate animal, it is giving it’s last cry; by attempting to ruin Russo-American relations.

CNN might want to try using Modern Warfare 2 for it’s next fake news piece, at least it’s in the same time era.


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