My Statement Regarding The Trump Tapes And The Future Of The Conservative Movement.

We Must Remain Vigilant And Make Stopping Hillary Our Top Priority.

A little over a year ago, I wrote a call to action imploring all of my fellow conservatives to support our party nominee to the fullest extent in the general election, whomever it may be. I also wrote that I knew Hillary Clinton would be The Democrat Party nominee despite attempts from Bernie Sanders to steal her already pre ordained nomination for himself, and I was right.

I went from supporting Scott Walker to Marco Rubio, and eventually supporting Donald Trump because I believed then as I still do today, that Hillary Clinton is the epitome of corruption and evil in American Politics, and must be prevented from becoming President of The United States by whatever legal and nonviolent means necessary. The extent of her corruption is hard to even fathom: ranging from the cover up of Juanita Broderick’s rape at the hands of her husband Bill, to mishandling and deleting classified emails , and dozens more.

With all that being said, there is no excuse for Trump’s abhorrent remarks on that tape and trying to defend him for making them is a loosing battle. The “locker room” argument made by his more die hard supporters doesn’t quite hold up due to his status as a high-profile public figure and the fact that the footage is fair game for his opponents to use.

I will continue to support him as the nominee but with extreme reluctance and a hope that Mike Pence would step up as the front-runner if Trump drops out.

I’m asking for all Conservatives to once again stand united against Hillary. I have always stood with the nominee of the Republican Party and will continue to do so. I respect the right of the reader to agree or disagree with my position and I only ask that you at least attempt to understand where I’m coming from.

Thank you for reading and God bless.


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