Trump Must Step Down

I assume by now, we have all seen the recent video of Mr. Trump speaking of women in a most deplorable manner.  It is apparent to most people, I should hope, that the Republicans cannot field a candidate who so callously speaks of women in a way that can at the best described as disgusting.  He has apologized since the very conveniently released video, but this is simply not enough.  The Republican party has always tried to convey an image of having the moral high ground and it cannot maintain this image if it fields this candidate.  The only logical course of action is for Mr. Trump to step down from the campaign and allow Mike Pence to take over as the nominee for the Republican cause.  At this current juncture it is possible, however unlikely, that Trump could win against Clinton even after this revelation.  But we need to ask ourselves if we could be comfortable with another JFK or Bill Clinton type in the White House?  Another sexual predator using his position of power to force women into sexual acts, ruining their lives?  I’ve had close friends suffer the horror of being raped/sexually assaulted and I, for one, cannot abide having such a person leading the most powerful nation on earth.  A nation, I might add, that has always striven for the moral high ground.  Mike Pence is the perfect alternative for Donald Trump, he is a strong conservative and is well grounded in his Christian faith.  His performance thus far has shown that he is more than capable of taking on Hillary head on and winning.  His record is clean and honestly would be a better pick than Trump in any regard.  So please, join me in calling for the immediate resignation of Donald Trump so Pence can be allowed to take the helm and lead the Republicans, and the nation, to a victory against Clinton and her Washington D.C. cronies.


2 thoughts on “Trump Must Step Down

  1. Pence can’t be the nominee. He didn’t stand in the primaries and received no votes from Republicans. Who was second in the Republican primaries?


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