Chris Pratt Openly Discusses God, Morals, and Virtues at 2018 MTV Generation Award Speech

Recently, the renowned character actor Chris Pratt won the 2018 MTV Generation Award. This great honor carries a significant responsibility with it, and Pratt realizes this. He took this amazing opportunity, grabbed it by the horns, and used it as a chance to share a great truth which needs to be heard by all people.

It’s a well-known fact Chris Pratt openly states being a Christian. But what is even more beautiful to see is that he has no fear in doing it, and that he goes deeper than just scratching the surface. He did just this when he gave his comical yet sobering speech after receiving the Generation Award.

In his moving speech, he delivers nine main points to the next generation which he collectively dubs, “The Nine Rules from Chris Pratt.” (And a very original title it is.) In between the comical facts of life, he shares some really deep moral truths as well.

The second rule he mentions is a simple yet all-to-often forgotten truth, “You have a soul; be careful with it.” Christianity knows the soul to be created directly by God Almighty. The human soul, combined with the body, “contributes to the unity of man.” The definition from Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Dictionary goes on to say it is the soul which “enables man to enjoy a relationship with God.”

In Rule 3, Pratt suggests being a protector as well as trying on the virtue of humility, both great ideals for all to have, particularly the young men of this age. By Rule 5, Chris Pratt mentions being charitable and spending time with others. Then in Rule 6, he boldly states loudly and for all to hear that, “God is real; God loves you; God wants the best for you…”

The basic statement produced an uproar of approval from his audience. But as he continues, he goes deeper than the generic “God loves you” remark. Anyone can tell you that, but the movie star delivered a speech with an even stronger religious depth. In Rule 8, he says, “Learn to pray.”

Wow!! He says prayer is easy as well as good for the soul. And he speaks the truth once more. Prayer can consist of offering up one’s day, one’s very existence to God. Offering up one’s joys, sorrows, and work to God is yet another form of prayer. This communication with God can even be as simple as a few short mental prayers throughout the day. It does not have to be difficult.

Lastly, Chris calls to mind in rule number nine that nobody is perfect. It takes humility to see this in oneself. “You are imperfect,” he says. “You always will be.” This is because God alone is perfect. “There is a powerful force that designed you that way,” he goes on. “And if you are willing to accept that, then you will have grace. And grace is a gift. And like the freedom that we enjoy in this country, that grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood. Do not forget it.”

These are outstanding words from a man who has made a name for himself and has managed to maintain some of his integrity. As for grace, there are several types; both come from God. Sanctifying grace is a gift which shares the life and love of God with the soul, and actual grace is the aid of God the Holy Spirit by which He tells the receiver what is required to please God and instills the desire to do it.

Chris Pratt signed off with a well-received “God bless you!” He stepped down, and the next generation of Americans showed their approval of his fine words. Hopefully, these words will not be too easily forgotten.


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