Season 3 of “You”: Race Baiting and Vaccine Propaganda

“Television, by its nature, is the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content, and repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coercion, brainwashing, and manipulation.” – Terence McKenna

The popular Netflix series, “You”, has just recently dropped it’s third season. For those that unfamiliar with this sort of over-popular drivel, ‘You’ focuses on the homicidal infatuations that a young man continues to project onto various women, typically ending in their murder in ever changing psychotic justifications.

The show is just one example of the “uniformity of content” that pushes the fallacy that most serial killers are white males (FBI statistics easily prove this premise to be false).

This series also demonizes anyone who prefers to lead a private life. “Joe” as the main character is referred to, is often described as a “ghost” as he has no social media presence and often pays for everything in cash.

Having spent two seasons casting suspicion on modern young men that do not wish to have a narcissistic social media presence or have their transactions monitored electronically, the third season diverts into racism and the villainous “anti-vaxxers.”

The title of the third episode is pretentiously named “Missing White Woman Syndrome” where the militant, black, female librarian sermonizes to our white serial killer “Joe” about how the media supposedly only cares about missing white women and “not the rest of us” in a less than discrete reference to the Gabby Petito disappearance. The conversation is triggered by a news report of a missing white woman that Joe has recently disposed of in a national park, much akin to the Petito disappearance.

This nonsensical notion that the media does not care about black people comes just months after the unprecedented media coverage that the George Floyd case received…a case involving a black man with a history of beating and robbing women who was also proven to have had a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death.

That same media coverage led to the burning and looting of several major U.S. cities including my own home town of Minneapolis where nearly 2 billion dollars in damage and several more murders occurred (one of which being a retired, black police officer).

Apparently, the fleeting, two-week long coverage of the disappearance of a young, white woman (without a criminal record) was so offensive to the writers of “You”, that they chose to name an entire episode after the racist outrage propaganda that has been dubbed “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

The producers of the show claim that they had this storyline written back in 2020 but somehow clairvoyantly addressed both the Gabby Petito controversy as well as the massive backlash to vaccine mandates in the same month (October of 2021).

A more concerning statistic that gets ZERO media coverage is the disproportionate and brutal murder of white women at the hands of their black romantic interests, something I plan to cover in-depth soon.

The non-coverage of these horrific murders is actually proof that the media cares very little about white women unless their death or disappearance involves a white male. All while menaces to society like Trayvon Martin and George Floyd are headlined ad nauseum in the mainstream media.

Not content with mindless race baiting, the episode continues to go on to propagate the murder of “brain-dead anti-vaxxers” as quoted in the episode by the serial killer wife of “Joe”, ironically named “Love.”

The newborn child of the married murderers suddenly comes down with measles and is admitted to the hospital. The pair of sociopaths hold each other, crying about how crushed they will be if their child dies because “some brain-dead anti-vaxxer” wouldn’t just do the right thing and get jabbed.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony in a scene where the morality of vaccination was being preached to the audience by a pair of sociopathic serial killers who had just finished burying a victim’s remains together. We are then introduced to the strawman science denier that their child was supposedly exposed to.

The “anti-vaxxer” they met at a pretentious big-tech party days before is physically portrayed as a sniveling, weak, socially retarded pariah; the pair of killers even stating that he “looks like he waited till marriage” in a daft jab at celibacy observant Christians.

The soon to be murdered vaccine skeptic arrives at the wife’s bakery to give his condolences regarding their hospitalized child. He then goes on an obnoxiously contrived speech about vaccines and why he and his family refuse to get them in order to achieve “natural, herd immunity.”

“Love” then snaps and beats the man unconscious with a pan.  

The man then wakes up in Joe’s murder cage that he learned how to construct from a demented mentor from his youth. Joe asks the man if they can forget about what happened and keep the incident secret if he lets him go. Joe also wants him to admit that his “anti-scientific” beliefs are what led to his child becoming sick.

Instead of figuring out how to survive his predicament (as would any normal person) the man continues his tone-deaf sermonizing about vaccines and herd immunity ending in Joe murdering him.

The glaring intellectual dishonesty of this episode comparing the Measles vaccine to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines jumps out immediately. Firstly, there is no mass rejection of the Measles vaccine in the United States.

If anything, most Americans are angry at failed immigration policies that are not requiring immigrants from third world nations like Somalia to become immunized for Measles. This is why, pre-pandemic, the U.S. saw a resurgence in the disease once Measles infected immigrant children were being put into public school classes with children whose parents refuse to give their children any form of vaccine.

Secondly, the Measles vaccine took over five years to perfect. The first attempt at a vaccine for Measles was created in 1958 by Thomas Peebles that failed disastrously.

Most children given the newly developed vaccine came down with high fevers and rashes nearly identical to that of Measles. Many cases involved children developing such a high fever, that they fell into violent seizures.

Maurice Hilleman, a top Merck scientist responsible for developing more vaccines than any other person in history, described the initial Measles vaccine as “toxic as hell” in his biography. The FDA did not approve a Measles vaccine for public use until 1963.

This disingenuous comparison of the measles vaccine and its traditional delivery method to the current protests regarding a mandate to take an experimental mRNA vaccine are absurd at best. The FDA even refuses to release any of its findings and data regarding the Covid-19 vaccines until 2025 despite recently approving them for public use.

What was especially chilling in this episode is the blueprint it not-so subtly lays out for those that insist on maintaining medical freedom; imprisonment, re-education, and finally extermination.

This is exactly what entertainment like this is trying to acclimate people into accepting as necessary and normal. The CDC has openly discussed the practicality of putting unvaccinated or “high risk” people in “Covid Shielding Facilities” aka FEMA camps.  They are currently attempting to strip people of their ability to earn an income. It is not much of a stretch, then, to be concerned with just what else could be on the agenda if certain levels of compliance are not met.

This episode dropped at the height of the backlash the Covid-19 vaccine mandates are receiving.  This episode was clearly written as an attempt to depict those questioning the mandate as “brain dead” baby killers that should be bludgeoned, put in a literal cage, and if they do not recant their heresy of vaccination skepticism, they should be murdered.

More disturbing is that this scene was supposed to be a moment where the audience would cheer and find some kind of human relatability in them.

Be very wary of entertainment that propagates the suffering of another. As Malcolm X said, “If you’re not careful, the media will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”


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