“Mail-In Voting”: Why the Left is Terrified of Amy Coney Barrett

With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell explicitly stating that the Republicans have more than enough votes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court today, comes the expected petulant protesting of the Democrats.

While many leftists have cursed and moaned about Barrett’s anti-abortion Catholic background and the prospect of her potential for reversing Roe vs. Wade, her first Supreme Court case is likely to be in regards to mail-in voting.

Over the past weeks, the American populace has been bombarded by an endless onslaught of ads and commercials urgently reminding them to vote and to vote early via mail with no real reason as to why. I surmise there are several covert reasons for this.

One being that the Left wants their Moderate base to vote now before more and more corruption regarding Biden and his family come to light, keeping them from being able to change their vote once they see how truly treasonous and foul the Democratic candidate for President is.

Another is that the radically left leaning mainstream media has pushed their fearmongering campaign regarding Covid-19 so hard that they have entombed tens of thousands of dependable elderly Democratic voters within their own homes for fear of the virus they’ve been told they are uniquely susceptible to. If they can depict early voting as somehow safer than voting on Election-Day, they hope to neutralize this self-inflicted wound.

And lastly, I believe mail-in voting is being pushed extraordinarily hard because it is the last hope the Democrats have to compensate for a likely overwhelming voter turn-out for Donald Trump on November 3rd.

If the total number of votes Trump gets can be tallied first, and the Democrats are allowed days or even weeks to tally tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that conveniently arrive, the election could truly be stolen from Trump as many of his supporters openly fear.

Amy Coney Barrett could be the “monkey in the wrench” to this plot.

Republicans in the pivotal State of Pennsylvania and its 20 Electoral votes are attempting to reverse a State Court Order which allows for absentee / mail-in ballots to be counted until November 6th.

The Supreme Court reached a 4-4 split last week over the Republican plea to undo the court order. This would effectively force election officials to disregard ballots received after November 3rd, RINO John Roberts playing his hand once again that he is indeed in the pocket of the Democrats.

With Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, however, could come the vote Republicans need to ensure late mail-in votes do not influence the results of the key battleground State, revealing why they truly hate and fear the Conservative mother of seven. Not to mention the key role she will play if another Bush vs. Gore suit demands her opinion in the likely event of a contested election.

“One more vote, provided by a hard-right, Trump-nominated Justice, could be the difference between voting rights and voting suppression”, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer quibbled last Tuesday.

All while he remains silent on States like Washington enacting legislation that requires mail-in votes to be sealed in envelopes that indicate party affiliation on the outside for all to see.

Under Senate Bill 5273, if party affiliation is not indicated, the ballot is to be discarded. This bill was conveniently passed just this last year.

This not only discourages many from voting at all for fear of privacy violations, it streamlines the process for the ballot to simply disappear entirely if an unscrupulous Election or even Postal employee counting the ballot happens to vote in opposition to the envelope’s indication.

Schumer also seems unconcerned with the more than 28 million votes that are yet “unaccounted for” between 2012 and 2018.

The Federal Election Assistance Commission reported the figure and stated that “the missing ballots amount to nearly one in five of all absentee ballots AND ballots mailed to voters residing in States that do elections exclusively by mail.”

The Commission also noted that they believe the number to be even higher in reality as some high-density areas refused to respond to the Agency’s questions, “…notably Chicago” as stated in an affiliated report which is rife with corruption at nearly every level.

This push for mail-in voting also creates an incentive for ballot-harvesting as brought up by the same Commission.

My home State of Minnesota was brought into the spotlight in regards to ballot harvesting only last month in regards to a conspiracy involving Ilhan Omar and the Minneapolis Somali community. As mainstream journalism is dead, an independent group by the name of Project Veritas broke the disturbing story.


All while Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar has co-proposed the “Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020” which would allow every eligible voter to vote by mail and effectively overturn each State’s existing laws regarding mail-in voting.   

To give some perspective to those who believe this isn’t an issue, Logan Churchwell, a spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation which monitors election statistics, notes that “in 2016 Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by garnering over 2.8 million more votes than Donald Trump. But nearly 6 million unaccounted mail-in ballots were never counted in 2016, more than twice her margin in the popular vote. The potential to affect elections by chasing down unused mail-in ballots and make sure they get counted – using methods that may or may not be legal – is great.”

Pathetically partisan “fact-checkers” like Snopes and independent commentaries try to dispel the “28 million missing ballots” statistic by stating that that number is much lower and that votes are not “missing” but “un-cast”, as if that will somehow make the average American believe mail-in voting is as secure as in-person.

These “fact-checkers”, however, give us no indication as to what happened to those ballots. They simply make the unsupported claim that they are “un-cast.” The ballots could be “un-cast”, they may also have been cast and then removed from the system or outright lost.

These same fact-checkers also claim that 36 states have a tracking process. But are all or any of the 28 million “missing” ballots accounted for within those states? What about the other 14 States? Other articles claim that over 50% of the ballots are returned to secure drop boxes, as if that is supposed to make us forget about the other 50%.

Semantics aside, they are “missing” because no one knows where they are. “Semantics will fool the fools.” People who depend on Snopes and Reuters to replace critical thinking certainly fall into this category.

Regardless of how many votes you believe are unaccounted for, the point is to ask yourself “who benefits?” And when you look at how loud the Left is howling about Amy Coney Barrett, it’s clear that the Left is who truly benefits from the ambiguity of mail-in voting.

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