“Principled Conservatives”: Misguided Libertarians, RINO’s and Pseudo-Christians

As the Country comes to the two-week warning before the 2020 Presidential Election, an emphatic group of lukewarm Christians, RINOs and Neo-Cons have once again locked arms against Donald J Trump.

Formerly calling themselves “Never-Trumpers”, these cloak and dagger conservatives have had to retitle themselves, having failed miserably to keep Trump from crushing Hillary Clinton in 2016.

These same people now refer to themselves as “Principled Conservatives” in a pretentious effort to claim the moral high ground over those who plan to vote for Donald Trump November 3rd; as if to say that any Conservative who does indeed vote for the incumbent President lacks traditional morality and values.  

This coming from the same virtue-signaling hypocrites who largely plan to vote for candidates that openly endorse Marxism, re-classifying pedophilia as a sexual orientation, and state funded infanticide to name just a few of their “principles.”

Even Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, whom many of my self-proclaimed Christian friends support, is radically pro-choice.

She openly opposes existing laws which limit both late-term abortions and selective abortions aimed at unborn children that exhibit signs of Down Syndrome.

To those newly enthralled with libertarianism, having no laws to protect the innocent and helpless isn’t libertarian, it’s anarchist. Galatians 5:13, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”

The window for a true Libertarian movement in this country was welded shut with the censure and betrayal of Ron Paul, largely at the hands of RINO’s like John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

Dr. Paul, despite surging ahead of no-names like Rick Santorum in the polls, was purposely excluded from the 2008 FOX sponsored Beltway debate, ironically moderated by none other than registered Democrat Chris Wallace.

Even left leaning comedian John Stewart did a piece at the time about Ron Paul being spurned by the Republican Party. Will link below.

True libertarians in response, chose exile during that populist surge rather than support “principled” traitors like McCain and Romney.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that both of these same men became vehement enemies of another successful populist, Donald Trump.

McCain dedicated his last days to voting in favor of upholding the unconstitutional individual mandate and its medical device tax while Romney openly supported the 32 million dollar dog and pony show that was the Mueller Report. He has even become as petulant as to claim he will write in his own wife for President rather than support his own Party this November.

Libertarians balking at men like this contributed significantly to Barack Obama sweeping both election cycles, something I foresee the left ironically experiencing in the suppression of Bernie Sanders in favor of party backed candidates like Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden.  

I believe many conservative Libertarians will also come out of self-imposed exile and flock to a pro-life populist candidate that has upheld nearly every promise he campaigned on, the few he hasn’t being blocked by the very same RINO’s who left them disillusioned with the Republican Party.

All while many Sanders supporters will go the way of spurned Ron Paulites ten years ago and not vote at all while I also predict a notable percentage will vote for Donald Trump out of spite rather than another party propped Obama-Era dinosaur like Biden.

Even mainstream outlets support this assertion. In March of this year, ABC News and the Washington Post released polls that indicated at least 15% of Sanders supporters would vote for President Donald Trump, an even higher percentage of voter defection than occurred when Hillary Clinton received the party nomination over Sanders (which was 12%).

It appears the radical left is growing increasingly impatient with their own party, much like true conservatives have grown weary of the “principled” among themselves.

These different camps within the “Principled Conservatives” faction tend to rally their wagons around distinctly false or vapid talking points to support their self-righteousness support for candidates far more dangerous than the Donald.  

The RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) and Neo-Cons continue to beat the issue of racism and white supremacy to death despite the President denouncing it dozens of times and being the first President to classify the KKK as a terrorist organization.

He also signed a landmark criminal justice reform bill which starkly contrasts to Joe Biden’s 94 Crime Bill and Kamala Harris’ record of throwing the book almost exclusively at African Americans for minor drug offenses during her time as District Attorney for California.  

They also like to ignorantly spew emotional tirades against the President’s desire to do away with the disastrous failure that was Obamacare.

The usual line being that the President is “unsympathetic” and “uncaring” despite the fact that Obamacare caused loss of coverage for millions who had their health insurance policies canceled because they didn’t meet the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act, not to mention the astronomical increase most Americans experienced in their healthcare premiums once forced to find new plans.

The social-club Christians meanwhile, love to justify their spinelessness with “hating how he speaks” along with waving their fingers at his past immoral relationships and coarse jesting regarding women. Even the famous column “Christianity Today” joined the ranks of the left when they published a piece supporting the impeachment circus we were forced to endure for months.

The piece laughably equated the impeachment of Trump to that of Bill Clinton and that the same verdict should be carried out because Christians shouldn’t play political favorites or support immorality (abortion and sodomy get a pass).

Except Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for immorality. I remember having to endure wave after wave of Facebook friends sharing that joke of an article and having to remind them that Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and obstruction of justice, both of which require overwhelming evidence to prove.

Donald Trump was accused of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.” Both of which are so incredibly vague, it boggles the mind of any leftist when asked to explain how the President did either.

All while women continue to lock arms in marches to protest Donald Trump’s comments as they ignore the fact that Bill Clinton paid out 850,000 dollars in settlement to Paula Jones, a woman he actually assaulted during his time in office.

No one is lauding Donald Trump’s personal life or lude comments as wholesome. But as Abraham Lincoln said, “those who look for the bad in man are certain to find it.”

I would ask the Christians who “just can’t vote for Trump” if they would vote for the David or Solomon of the Bible, both of which were great leaders of men who had weaknesses in regards to women and gave in to their fallen nature regarding their lust thereof.

I am not attempting to put Trump on a pedestal next to these great Biblical figures. I am trying to make confused Christians see that if they are not supporting Trump this November, one of the most pro-life candidates in decades over a character flaw, they are supporting the modern-day Herod’s of the world who have the blood of the unborn on their souls.

I could care less about our President’s past private life; he isn’t my Pastor or my Savior. All I care about is if he does what he says he will do and if he will uphold the defense of the innocent unborn.

As for how he speaks, I much prefer a harsh and abrasive truth to an elegant lie which is what the populace has become so accustomed to under the eight-year reign of Obama and Biden.

As Proverbs 27:6 says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.”

Put aside your feelings about the man this November and speak for those who cannot yet speak for themselves. If your principles require the murder of the innocent, you need to reconsider who you are serving because it isn’t Christ.

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