Trump’s Epic Troll of Michelle Holds True

The first night of the DNC wrapped up Monday and the featured speaker was none other than Michelle Obama.  Michelle defended her husband and slammed Trump, for, well, being Trump.  She called Biden the “man we need”.  I don’t really consider this a ringing endorsement but whatever.

As the President is likely to do, Tuesday morning the President fired back with perhaps the best line ever.  “Somebody please explain to @MichelleObama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama.  Trump further added, “Biden was merely an afterthought, a good reason for that very late & unenthusiastic endorsement.”

In political terms this is probably the best troll Trump has ever done in the White House.  In practical terms, Trump is 100 percent right.  Obama’s failed Presidency in terms of promises to the forgotten man and woman (and no, that is not a divide by race) was what led a man like Trump to be able to win the White House.

With Biden, it seems Democrats are going to go with the tried and true.  Sure, Biden might win, but he will win not because people support or like him but rather because they simply cannot stomach Trump.  The problem is more and more people will continue to simply be left behind.

Trump was always an imperfect candidate but it cannot be argued the reason many blacks and blue-collar whites – who contrary to popular wisdom were lock solid Democrats who gave Obama the White House – felt Obama had left them behind.  Clinton was just a continuation of Obama’s policies in their eyes and when she spoke of “Moving Forward,” what she was implicitly saying was continuing to pursue the policies which had left them further behind.

There is little indication the same voters who felt abandoned by Obama and voted for Trump will not support the President again.  What has changed is many of the voters who backed Mitt Romney in 2012, primarily in growing and diversifying suburbs, are backing Joe Biden because of his perceived “moderation” and feelings Trump is not presidential.  Whether these voters are behaving like John Kasich and Carly Fiorina and backing Biden because of class differences with the rank and file Trumpist, or whether these voters ideological preferences have have shifted which has longer-term implications remains to be seen.

Regardless, Trump’s tweet is 100 percent accurate.  Obama, Clinton, and by default Joe who is irreparably tied to Obama, left behind the blue collar worker and average black man.  On a side-note this is probably why Trump is running ahead of his margins in 2016 with black men.  Michelle may not want to admit it or she may not even understand it but the truth hurts.  Deal with it!





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