The Dangerous Fallacy of ‘White Privilege’

“White Privilege” is a phrase that has unfortunately made itself at home in modern American vernacular. With the polarizing tragedy of George Floyd’s death and the national levels of rioting and violence that have followed, “white privilege” has pushed its way to the front of cultural and political relevance.

The history of human slavery is something I will address at another time. Today, I will be addressing both the secular and religious implications of ‘white privilege’ in a free nation and how it not only works to undermine the American Dream and damage national unity; it is also rooted in Post-Modern Marxism in an attempt to cull freedom of speech and erode American values.

Simply defined, “white privilege” is the ‘inherent advantage possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society.’

If we compare this definition to ‘racism’ we have a disturbingly similar definition. Racism being ‘the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race.’

It would appear hypocritical then, for self-proclaimed progressives to imply that whites are inherently superior to other groups of people within the United States solely based on their skin color.

The dangerous narrative being propagated here is that to be white is to be unwittingly complicit in a deeply racist tyranny while to be non-white then by definition is to occupy the moral and spiritual high ground.

By merely being a “person of color” you are born into the status of saints who struggle valiantly beneath the heels of tyrants. So if I accept the premise of white privilege, I must also accept that I’m morally reprehensible simply based on the way I was born. I do not suffer as uniquely and therefore my humanity is not as valuable or relevant.

Assuming for a moment that it is such a distinct systemic advantage to be white in America, why would the white suicide rate be twice as high proportionately to blacks?

Among white males the statistic is even higher. White males make up 7 out of every 10 suicides according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention despite the fact that roughly 3 out of every 10 Americans are white and male.

It is not only illogical from a secular level, it also blasphemous from a Christian one.

Proverbs 18:16 says that “A man’s gift makes room for him” implying that God creates every person with a unique skill set that will allow for a successful existence in this life.

Believing that such privilege exists in a free world is blasphemous as it takes God’s creation of a unique individual, capable of great things, and relegates them to a powerful majority or powerless minority.

This dangerously implies for Christians who accept the premise of ‘white privilege’, that a black person’s God given skills will not actually “make room” for him or her because a vague, mortally controlled social hierarchy can supersede the supernatural…meaning that their only alternative for survival is crime.

Thusly, anyone who stands in the way of the commission of that crime is reinforcing “systemic racism” which is why we see major US cities attempting to defund their police forces.

Despite the fact that a black person is roughly 18 times more likely to be killed by a member of their own race when compared to officer involved fatalities, police continue to be portrayed as the symbol of white supremacy and privilege in America today.

These same white privilege apologists will then attempt to avoid the data regarding black on black crime by pointing to various perceived advantages of being white in America, mainly the economic advantages, again implying that success is solely an issue of skin color and nothing more complex or dynamic is at work.

Those who use this Post-Modern bait word, however, expose a woeful lack of understanding of the real roots of success and failure in our society.

Studies show that growing up in a stable two-parent home is one of the biggest indicators of success in American society. The increasing erosion of the nuclear family within the African American community (research LBJ’s “Great Society” legislation) is one of the leading causes of wealth disparity in this demographic…a cultural issue rather than a racial one.

Federal statistics reveal that minors in single parent families comprise 27% of all American children, yet they account for 62% of all poor children who then go on to be poor adults.

According to 2015 US Census Bureau data, around 77 percent of African Americans grow up in a fatherless household compared to about 25 percent for whites.

It is widely accepted that children raised in intact families are more likely to attend college which leads to more gainful employment, are emotionally healthier, are less likely to be victims of abuse, less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol which correlate to higher levels of delinquent behaviors, are less likely to become pregnant/impregnate someone as a minor, are less likely to be raised in poverty, are more likely to have the acumen and collateral to start a business, and will have a decreased risk of divorce thus reducing single parent percentages for future generations.

How colonial era slavery is somehow responsible for black fatherless percentages today is absurd at best.

These facts often contradict the fiery emotion of personal stories of ‘systemic racism.’ While individuals may indeed experience individual acts of racism in their life, anecdotal accounts do not imply a greater cultural trend when weighed against data and facts.

But as philosopher Jordan Peterson says, “Post-Modernists don’t believe in facts. Facts constrain the abuse of power.”

And that is what this damaging and racist phraseology is really about. It is about power and chilling an entire race’s freedom of speech through the fear of social ostracization.

Instead of attempting to logically counter the factual arguments that white Conservatives present, the simplest way to deal with those arguments is to dismiss them entirely as guilt ridden excuses coming from the mouths of ‘privileged’ racists with inherent bias they will never overcome.

This kind of thinking is classic among Marxists whose goal is to impose coerced uniformity in thought, speech, and behavior.

Infamous Hungarian Marxist, Georg Lukacs is credited with creating the Bolshevik tactic of ‘cultural terrorism’ as a way to destabilize Western nations.

He was instrumental in designing what he believed to be key tactics in eroding traditional Western Judeo-Christian values. These two tactics were “multiculturalism” and “political correctness.”

Through multiculturalism, Capitalism, Christianity and the Nuclear Family were to be maliciously depicted as being uniquely prone to fascism and racism because they did not guarantee equality of outcome for cultural or ethnic groups that did not share in those values, i.e. the belief that hard work leads to success oppresses cultures that do not share that value and that an underlying, oppressive societal fabric is what leads to unfair success, not intelligence or industrious worth ethic.  

This intolerance could then be depicted as “endemic” to traditional American culture. By extension then, anyone who holds other traditional American values such as gun ownership, national pride, belief in Biblical teachings, homeschooling, means tested immigration, or the support of free market enterprise, are clearly fascists with racist tendencies that want to keep minority groups down.

Barak Obama is a perfect example of someone who used this kind of technique to belittle traditional American values. At a San Francisco fundraiser in 2008, in response to how he felt about job loss in rural America, he referred to small town Midwestern voters as “bitter people, clinging to guns and religion.”

Once multiculturalism was firmly established and taught as gospel at the university level, “political correctness” was and is the weapon of choice to assure uniform thinking and chill independent thought.

For one not to be considered a fascist racist, one must embrace the new moral absolutes: sexual identity, tolerance, strength in diversity, female body autonomy, open borders, socialism and now white privilege.

Anyone who speaks against these tropes or even questions them is subject to PC ad hominem attacks to stifle critical thought for fear of the mob. “Racist”, “bigot”, “homophobe”, “incel”, “fascist”, “white supremacist” are but a few of these control words that Post-Modernists and cultural Marxists employ against their critics.

They are attempting to restructure the cultural-marxist (oppressor vs. oppressed) categories, effectively making it racist whites vs. oppressed people of color.

These same people then turn a blind eye to actual examples of systemic racism in America that disenfranchise whites. Affirmative Action laws immediately come to mind.

A black youth with the same, or even lower, GPA of their white counterpart is often given preference for college admission, academic scholarships and federal loans under AA solely based on skin color.

People of black pigmentation aren’t just chosen over whites, they’re also being given privileged priority over Asians, now the wealthiest demographic in the U.S. despite having suffered terrible oppression at several points in American society.

In 2019 a group of Asian American families brought a civil suit against Harvard University when it was discovered that the university was consistently giving low scores to Asian applicants based on “personal traits.”

Harvard allegedly used this vague and racially discriminatory system to compensate for their high academic scores in order to “even the field” for black applicants who were then given priority admission based on those arbitrary “traits.” Shockingly, Harvard won the suit.

Similar practices exist in the workplace as well.  Affirmative Action federally requires businesses to hire a fixed percentage of POC workers regardless of their level of skill or experience; leading to many qualified whites and Asians to miss out on lucrative opportunities.

 AA at its core is saying that African Americans, due to their skin color, are not capable of meeting the standards that whites and Asians are held to and require a significant “leg-up” in order to compete. If this isn’t the definition of systemic racism, I don’t know what is.

All of these facts and statistics prove that it is impossible to homogenize an entire group of people based on just one arbitrary attribute such as skin color. People are different down to the level of the individual.

We have equality of opportunity (not outcome) and by U.S. law, everyone has the same right to pursue life, liberty and happiness due to those who came and fought before us to further equality. It is very dangerous to think white privilege is real. It’s inherently segregative and divisive and undoes hundreds of years of civil rights progress in those who believe in it.

Those who assign privilege to any particular race reveal their personal racist leanings and bitter projection of their own failures onto a convenient scapegoat.

The fruit of this fallen tree are ripening before our very eyes. A demand for reparations from whites, the destruction of businesses both black and white that do not submit to the narrative, the demand for lawlessness and disbanding of police forces, the flight of private business from inner cities and the punitive taxes that will follow for those that stay, the reinforcement of the fear of blacks that actual hate groups will use as a means to recruit real white supremacists and create further division. The list goes on.

I refuse to take a knee or admit to ‘white privilege.’ The only privilege I will admit to is the “two-parent” privilege.

The privilege of having two God fearing parents who chose not to abort me.

The privilege of parents who chose to love and encourage me, who sacrificed a dual income to raise and educate me rather than send me to a government school.

The privilege of parents who provided a safe environment while emphasizing the importance of education and hard work.

The privilege of having parents that instilled in me the need for a Savior so that I would not be a slave to my own fallen nature.

The privilege of parents who fostered individuality while having the bravery to stand against those who take the wide and comfortable path to destruction.

This is a “privilege” I wish for all human beings and the same “privilege” cultural Marxists are actively trying to distract us from through racially dividing terminology like white privilege.

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6 thoughts on “The Dangerous Fallacy of ‘White Privilege’

  1. Very well research and written article. Glad I came across your site. I will continue to follow your writing. It’s encouraging to see fellow Christians fearlessly addressing the reprobate culture with truth.

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    1. I appreciate the read and the comment, Dwayne! Feel free to share my writings with friends and family.

      Encouraging to see another fellow Christian who hasn’t bent the knee to the Baal of our time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the article. I was faced by friends saying I had white privilege
        But what I have is the ability to go to college and get a degree just like any other person in the US, white,all shades of brown and others as well.
        Now I realize that only a Fascist/Socialist would call me WP

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      2. Appreciate the comment, Jean! Yes, the only systemic racism in this country is against Whites and now Asians to some extent. Thanks for reading and feel free to share!

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