Joe Biden and the Moral Flexibility of the Left

‘Sleepy Joe’, as he is affectionately referred to, is a man worth taking a deeper look at if you’re somehow still on the fence.

It is only fitting that a man with a sordid past is the Presidential pick for a party with a sordid past. Despite his obviously disturbing behavior towards children, I will be looking at the most recent red flags raised by Mr. Biden and how it is reflective of the systemic hypocrisy of a party that has stood against civil liberty and justice for decades.

Let us start with the “Me Too” and “Believe All Women” movements that were birthed over unsubstantiated claims against both Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

 The left, overwhelmingly supported by mainstream media, answered the call to war against these men, culminating in the “Women’s March” and countless acts of vandalism, slander and libel against the now sworn in Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Despite nonexistent corroborating evidence and not-guilty verdicts, the media fueled the flames of gender war tensions even after both men were declared innocent.

But what turned out to be witch hunts, burning with a fiery passion for “justice”, quickly petered into silence when actual evidence emerged regarding the treatment of women by Presidential potential Joe Biden. Not only has his track record regarding women come to light, his views and voting records on African American issues has also come to the vanguard of his campaign.

First, let us briefly examine the accusations of Tara Reade and how leftist reactions to them should confound you.

Tara Reade has come forth with sexual assault allegations against Mr. Biden and, unlike Blasey Ford, knows the who, what, when and how. These accusations aren’t dating back to an obscure high school party, either. The man who allegedly likes kids sitting in his lap is accused of sexually assaulting Ms. Reade while working for him as a Staffing Assistant.

While the accusations are being investigated, “Believe all women” seems to have gone by the wayside as Washington Times reports that House Democrat Ilhan Omar still plans on voting for Joe Biden for President despite trying to remove her tweet before it was distributed across the web.

Katha Pollitt, a renowned columnist for ‘The Nation’, said in a recent interview that she would “vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them” in response to being asked about the Tara Reade accusations and how it might affect her views on voting for such a man.

It appears not all women are to be believed if a Democratic candidate is in the headlines instead of a Republican one.

Let us examine leftist ideology in another category. Joe Biden recently made a parting comment in an interview with a popular African American radio show host in New York (“Charlamagne tha God” as pretentious as that is).

 In the interview’s conclusion, Joe Biden says verbatim “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black.”

This kind of arrogant racial degradation shouldn’t be a surprising sight coming from a man whose party formed the Klu Klux Klan in 1865 to lynch and intimidate newly emancipated blacks from voting in free elections.

 It appears now that Mr. Biden is using his platform to continue the Democratic tradition of voter intimidation regarding African Americans by ideologically “lynching” their very ethnic identity if they’re thinking about voting for a Republican candidate.

One need search no further than Mr. Biden’s voting record to confirm his and his party’s racist leanings. In 1991 he was one of 46 Democrats who voted ‘no’ in the confirmation of African American Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.

Threatened by an educated, Conservative African American who refused to fall in line with abortion, Joe Biden and renowned Democrat Ted Kennedy were two of those forty-six Democrats who voted against him.

A recent 2020 PBS documentary, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” regarding the life and political exploits of Mr. Thomas, shows footage of a younger Mr. Biden presiding over a Democrat dominated Senate.

 One of the most striking quotes from Judge Thomas in this documentary is as follows, “I felt as though in my life I had been looking at the wrong people as to the people who would be problematic to me…we were told, ‘Oh, it’s going to be the bigot in the pickup truck. It’s going to be the Klansman. It’s going to be the rural sheriff.’ And I’m not saying there weren’t some of those who were bad. But it turned out through all of that, ultimately the biggest impediment was the modern day liberal, that they were the ones who discount all those things, because they have one issue or they have the power to caricature you.”

 Joe Biden was the man the camera panned out on during this quote.

Let that sink in for a moment. “The modern day liberal” was the biggest impediment to an aspiring African American judge trying to make a difference in both his community and his country because he didn’t believe in abortion.

Meanwhile Joe Biden was a leading voice behind that impediment, encouraged by people like Robert Byrd, a high ranking member of the KKK and personal mentor to Hillary Clinton. It is interesting to note that both Obama and Biden spoke eulogies for Robert Byrd at his funeral in 2010.

But let us go even further back in time to the 1964 Civil Rights Act for more evidence of the Democratic Party embracing racial division.

 The Democratic Party first decided to filibuster the Act for sixty-seven days. When it finally failed, they overwhelmingly voted against the Bill. Donald Critchlow, in his historical analysis of the Civil Rights era titled “The Conservative Ascendency”, presents substantiated evidence that the Democratic Party overwhelmingly voted against the Act.

Over half of Senate Democrats voted against it. House Democrats voted 7 to 87, a 95 percent vote against the Act.

 These facts are then usually met with the weak and unsubstantiated claim that the parties dramatically “switched” by most Democratic Party apologists.

The idea that a miraculous moral exodus from Democratic core beliefs is supposed to have occurred, while a majority of Republicans were suddenly struck with a spirit of racial elitism just following their greatest triumph for civil liberty is laughable at best.

 Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” comment more likely seems to support the idea that the Democratic Party has not “switched” ideas about race but simply switched tactics in an attempt to offensively pander to African American voters.

Voter intimidation through media pressure and promising handouts in exchange for votes may have replaced the more obscene tactics of the Democratic Party but they should be viewed as equally profane and dehumanizing.

 I hope that any leftist, moderate, or even a self-proclaimed Christian reading this would reconsider voting for a man who treats Women and African Americans with such distain.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden and the Moral Flexibility of the Left

  1. There’s so much wrong here, I don’t have the time to list it all. The #MeToo movement did not begin with Trump and Kavanaugh, though they certainly haven’t suffered from it yet. Did you ever hear of Harvey Weinstein?


    1. #MeToo didn’t gain any noticeable traction or attention until Trump and Kavanaugh were well within the spotlight, hence they “birthed” it. “Believe all Women” is directly related to Kavanaugh. Also, Weinstein isn’t a political figure and no one is running him for office so why would I bother mentioning his name here? Thanks for reading.


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