Yankees Start ALCS Strong; Astros Take Lead

The American League Championship Series opened Saturday with the New York Yankees going up against the Houston Astros. The game resulted in the utter annihilation of the Astros, the game ending with a score of 7-0.

This inaugural game of the ALCS featured stellar performances from Yankees baseman Gleyber Torres and their pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

However, the Astros made a terrific comeback in the two consecutive games which followed, triumphing over the Yankees 3-2 on Sunday and 4-1 on Tuesday. The Astros’ success in Game 3 is largely being attributed to the acute skills of Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole who managed to strike out seven batters and get five others to walk.

Game 4 is set to be hosted by the Yankees Wednesday night, providing an opportunity for New York to tie the series. However, the game may have to be temporarily postponed due to weather forecasts.


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