Veterans Day: An Early Thanksgiving

Veterans Day, celebrated by Americans on November 11, is a special day set aside for honoring all those men and women who have served in our nation’s military. On this day, I remember those family members I personally know or are a part of my family’s past who have served in the military. Most Americans have relatives, ancestors, or friends who have served. This another proud aspect of the United States which brings us together.

We remember those who fell, those who are retired, and those who still serve to this day. Some of the family members who stand out in my mind for whom I am most grateful are my Uncle Bill, my grandfather on my mom’s side (who served in the aftermath of most of the fighting of World War II), and an older cousin. It is people such as these who build up America. Their service in and of itself is an expression of gratitude for the freedom they experience in this grand country.

At the same time, they sacrifice many things which mean a great deal to most of us: quality time invested in relationships, other careers and passions, simple comforts, personal fashion, etc. They are still quite human, and they certainly miss many of these other aspects of life. In a way, it makes them cherish these things more than they may have previously.

A soldier enlisted in the army is going to appreciate those moments spent with loved ones perhaps more so than if he saw them regularly. And these men and women deserve a lot of love. Some have seen terrible things. Some have had to listen to terrible things. And some have secrets that can never be discussed. These are the people who have been mentally scarred by war, those who work daily for the American people, those who have trained excessively to protect the innocent, and even those who have died fighting for freedom.

In 2018, we have seen a disregard or disrespect for this nation itself, the truths it was founded upon, and the American flag. Most veterans do not take this outlook on the country they have held in such high esteem. It could be taken so far even as to say that to disrespect this nation is to disrespect the veterans’ service and the veterans themselves.

Our veterans do not deserve a grumbling ungrateful nation to live in, to return to after serving in another country. It is a common courtesy when you see someone in the service or a seasoned vet, to approach them and thank them for their service. Veterans Day is a reminder to keep this up. Veterans Day is an early thanksgiving holiday, one in which we thank all those who have served the United States of America.


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