Trump Neuters the Travel Ban

Today it appeared that Trump’s decision to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court may have finally paid off for him, with a slim majority of the court’s justices indicating that the latest iteration of the controversial travel ban is here to stay.

But just what does the latest version of the ban do? To put it bluntly: not much.

In order to ram the ban through the country’s highest court it would appear the Trump Administration decided to add-on a few non-Muslim countries while removing others which were Muslim. The net effect being that the ban not only fails to actually protect Americans from terrorists but that it also punishes innocent people who pose no threat to us in the first place.

Consider for a moment the inclusion of North Korea on the new version of the ban. Not only does North Korea not allow its citizens to leave the country freely but it actively tries to kill the ones who do. Not a single Radical Islamic Terrorist is going to sneak into this country from North Korea, it just doesn’t happen. It literally can’t happen! But who did Trump remove from the travel ban in order to make room for the hermit kingdom? Well, none other than Sudan a country that is literally crawling with terrorist insurgents and which is listed by the US State Department as a State Sponsor of Terror.

The official justification offered up by the administration for the addition of North Korea and Venezuela to the list is that these countries, along with others on the list, are incapable of properly vetting migrants to determine who is or isn’t a terrorist. Now you tell me, notwithstanding the fact that their people can’t come here anyway, does anyone really think that North Korea of all places lacks a proper vetting system? Their own citizens cannot sneeze without the government knowing about it!

Indeed, if the Trump Administration were truly concerned about cracking down on countries which don’t properly vet for terrorists, then why isn’t half of Europe on the list? We’ve seen no less than 21 terror attacks in France alone in just the past three years and we’re seriously going to claim that the countries selected for the latest iteration of the travel ban are on there due to concern with their vetting procedures?

In reality, it would seem that the vast majority of countries selected for the new and, “improved” travel ban are there purely due to their governments not being amenable to the desires of the American Empire. Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen, and Iran pose no threat to the US in terms of terrorist infiltration through migration and yet make up over half of the list. With the remaining countries being Somalia, Chad, Libya, and Syria. Indeed, the new travel ban that will most likely be upheld by the Supreme Court in the coming days seems far more concerned with punishing countries that don’t kowtow to Washington than it does with actually protecting Americans from terrorists.


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