Tragedy in Parkland, Florida: Where Does the Blame Lie?

Less than 2 weeks ago, when most of America was celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, a high school in Parkland, Florida was shaken to its core when a madman, identified as Nicholas DeJesus Cruz, armed with an AR-15 Semiautomatic Sporting Rifle, pulled the fire alarm and opened fire on students as they left their classrooms. Fourteen children and three adults were killed that day. Now, almost two weeks later, the dust is far from settled. Each day it seems new information keeps coming out that sheds more light on the situation. Of course, without skipping a beat, the anti-gun Left continues to blame law-abiding gun owners and the NRA, but is that really where the blame lies?

To answer that question, we must examine several areas of failure in this situation. The first failure lies with the school administration. Nicholas Cruz was the poster child for a problem student. He had several incidents which showcased his lack of mental fitness and violent tendencies. There was one incident where he threw a chair at a teacher and some students. Another incident occurred in which he brought live ammunition to the school in his backpack. Neither of these incidents resulted in a call to law enforcement. He had even talked about just shooting to school up one day. In the end, the school decided to just expel him instead of getting him the help he deserved. The school failed big time here.

The second failure lies with law enforcement. Let’s start with the FBI. In the weeks and months before the shooting, the FBI received and ignored several disturbing tips about Nicholas Cruz. They mentioned Cruz being a ticking time bomb. Another tip even said the person was afraid Cruz might snap and shoot up a school. I guess they were too busy with their witch hunt against President Trump and the Russian Collusion hoax. Now let’s talk about the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff himself had said recently that they were called to the home of Nicholas Cruz 23 times. Records and evidence showed that the number was actually much higher. The evidence showed that they were called to the shooter’s house 45 times. When asked why no arrests were made, they mentioned that they were called to the house for non-arrestable offenses. If law enforcement actually did their job, it is likely they could have apprehended the Cruz before he decided to kill 17 people.

The most monumental failure of this entire situation was at the hands of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. It was revealed that a Sheriff’s deputy, a 32 year veteran of the Department, hid outside and took cover while the shooter was gunning down children. He had been trained and was armed, yet he took the coward’s way out. Even more troubling, it was recently revealed that there were actually several armed Sheriff’s Deputies, and they all hid and took cove. It is because of them that 17 children were slaughtered.

In the end, it was not the NRA’s fault. It was not law-abiding gun owners faults. It was not the AR-15’s fault. In fact, it was the government’s fault. The blood of those innocent children is on the government’s hand. The government failed on all levels, from the school itself, to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, all the way up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

While the survivors of the shooting may be angry and hurting right now, they are simply pointing the finger at the wrong people. They are lashing out in an emotionally vulnerable state.

The biggest question is this; do Americans REALLY want the government with such monumental failures as displayed with this tragedy, to be the only ones with guns? Do Americans really want to trust THIS government to protect them from bad people with guns?


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