Nazi Germany Built Death Camps, Poles Were Courageous and Solidary

Because of a recent bill passed by Polish parliament, foreign media from the transatlantic progressive mainstream media are spreading fake news are claiming that Poland is “rewriting the history” regarding the Holocaust. Israeli Knesset also follows them.

In reality, their standpoint stems from the former thesis based upon lies that accuse Poland of being involved in the building of Nazi Death Camps in that Slavic country when in reality it was invaded by Germans on September 1939 and more than 2 million of Poles were murdered in those camps.

However, this writing will focus on the key unknown facts regarding Poles, apart from the Warsaw Uprising. My intention is putting the record straight in spite of a mainstream media that tries to undertake and “denigrate” whatever does not fit with their interests.

Many Poles Helped Jews Saving Their Lives

Despite the threat of being prosecuted and punished, nearly 1.2 million Polish citizens were involved in actions to protect Jews and save their lives while in 300 villages all their Jewish neighbors were saved.

The Polish National Army, also known as the Armia Krajowa, was the only anti-Nazi team that created an exclusive division to help persecuted Jews and some people that followed that religion reached important positions in that army.

Real Liberty Heroes Are What Can Define Polish History

Without leaving aside any appreciation towards the courage of Polish people, the efforts of two Catholic heroes cannot be forgot nor remain unknown. That’s the case of Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Witold Pilecki.

The first one gave shelter to 3,500 Poles regardless from their religious beliefs in his monastery. However, in February 1941, the monastery was shut down by the Germans, and 3 months later, Kolbe was sent to Auschwitz, where guided prisoners to the Mother of God, having taken the place of an disappeared prisoner.

Meanwhile, Pilecki went in the death camp previously mentioned to gather information about Nazi atrocities, he warned Western Allies that those totalitarians under Hitler’s orders were participating in acts of genocide. Sadly, he was killed on May 25, 1948, by communists.

In Reality, Poland Has Much To Envy

In spite of the fact of not being a European leader in economic liberty nor based on a friendly country for companies, similar to Ireland and Estonia, there are many facts to envy about Poland apart from courageous anti-communist attitude.

Saint John Paul II’s homeland is the most faithful (Catholicism) country in Europe. Most of them care about the importance of preserving Western Christian values, here we can find one of the reasons they dislike multiculturalism and prefer a Polexit instead of taking so-called “refugees,” in line with its national government.

Whereas Ireland and the country that expanded Christianity along the American Continent (Spain) are becoming more relativistic (abortion, same-sex marriage, …), the majority of Poles approve pro-life initiatives.

Besides most Polish youth people do not rely on socialist and communists as happens in the United States with Sanders and Spain with Pablo Iglesias. They are more pro-market as in more morally conservative, either conservatives or right-leaning libertarians.

Similar to Trump’s courage, the fact that Poles try to avoid Western European cultural suicide, endorsed by institutions like the European Union, is an issue for progressive lobbies and mass media, some of them supported by George Soros.

To sum up, contrary to foreign mass media lies, Poland is a source of moral teachings about courage against totalitarianism, defense of values and natural law as in solidarity, notwithstanding social democratic policies of its government.


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