The State of the Union is Not Good Enough

One year and several days after the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, took office for the highest position within the free world, we were treated to his State of the Union address. President Trump remarked on job growth, assistance for veterans, and the unification of the American people: the strongest, most free people on the planet. Within this address we were treated to the joy of having elected a man who is not only staying true to his promises, but also cleverly undermining the very system that made his presidency necessary in the first place.

Now, it’s no secret that the extreme Left and politically correct cultural sphere drove many Americans into a choking silence during the entire eight years of the Obama administration. Race and “change” was the entire platform of the 2008 election, abstract cultural topics that point a gun to the head of the thought criminal: do you pave the road for the victim, or kill yourself. Undermining the sins of your nation’s past is a noble cause, and one that takes no prisoners.

The reason why this is important to the State of the Union address is because of what was said and who was saying it. For one, the rhetoric regarding the beauty of the United States could have been taken directly out of a Leftist playbook: “Tonight I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve… If you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in America, then you can dream anything, you can be anything, and together, we can achieve anything.” This has all the right words: “set aside our differences”, “common ground”, “unity”, “together”. Yet apparently the most important thing to do is to complain about how President Trump touted his own successes for the year, because how dare a president share his accomplishments.

A second complaint, raised by Chris Cillizza of CNN, is that President Trump made no mention of potential Russian collusion in the 2016 election. This laughable attempt at criticism could be taken mildly seriously if CNN itself wasn’t found out over a year ago for admitting that they themselves pushed the narrative of Russian collusion: it was a joke, a “nothing burger”, in your own words. Why could you possibly expect, let alone take the energy and effort to write about, President Trump to acknowledge your own rumors? The ad hominem attacks against James O’Keefe simply won’t help this matter.

The main trend here does seem to be consistently criticizing what President Trump didn’t say, rather than what he did say. Vox writer Matthew Yglesias complained that President Trump didn’t make any mention of child poverty rates and the American healthcare system. For one, if the main course of the criticism meal is going to be criticizing what our 45th president didn’t say, that’s some low-hanging and abstract fruit. Secondly, merely mentioning those topics only serves to confirm one of the many reasons President Trump was chosen by the people to take office as President of the United States: topics like child poverty and government-influenced health care are nods to the nanny-state. Not saying that our president doesn’t care about those issues, merely that there are more pertinent issues at hand.

What we’re dealing with here is nothing but yet another example of Marxism unleashed. Here we have a president who is delivering results, time and time again, creating massive improvement in the areas of American life that suffered under the Bush, Jr. administration and went largely untouched and/or mishandled during the Obama administration: business and finance. Massive tax cuts, low unemployment, only one Islamic terror attack since President Trump took office, we have a great deal to celebrate. Yet, this still is not good enough.

The reason that this is Marxism unleashed is because, no matter how good things are objectively, President Trump won’t tow the Leftist’s party line. The good of the party doesn’t supersede reality itself, something that requires ignoring objective facts and catering to abstract, ambiguous arguments that take advantage of people’s basic good nature and desire to rectify wrongs. Marxism seeks to destroy Western Civilization and all of its successes, all of its flourishing intellectual, financial, and artistic gain. The Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School has seen to it that we have the tools at our disposal at all times to (try to) obliterate anything which does not tow the party line with abstract, ambiguous arguments, many of which were on full display during the Trump campaign. President Trump was a racist, sexist homophobe: once again, the gun to the temple of the thought criminal – do you pave the road for the victims and self-flagellate in apology for the sins of your forefathers, or do you pull the trigger?

The reason that President Trump is slowly undermining his opposition is not because he’s talking about them: he’s living his life, improving and serving his country. He’s not stooping to the level of his strong opponents with the ad hominem attacks and mocking them for holding a glass of water with two hands. He’s doing what he set out to do, calling their bluff, and leaving them with little to nothing to criticize. This explains the arguments against what he didn’t say, versus the arguments against what he did say. The tired argument of calling him a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a rapist, all within one sentence is losing its resonance with the average American. When all you have is, “How dare he not address child poverty”, you know that you’re starting to lose relevancy.

We all can only hope that this trend continues. The monopoly of Marxist thought has been both pervasive and stagnant, so there is the possibility that the Trump presidency will break some true ground with the American people. Pervasive as in, being called a racist was one of the worst insults imaginable and the crime of daring to have even a critical thought of a member of a protected victim status; and stagnant as in, we haven’t seen much true ground being pioneered within that culture due to their perception of having the aforementioned monopoly. We can all look forward to State of the Union-style speeches in the future, and the continued palm on the self-destruct button of the Marxist Leftists.


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