Yesterday’s Flower Child is Today’s Stalinist

Should someone be able to be fired from their position for their political views? That is, should they be fired for expressing those political views on their own time? In decades gone by the left’s answer would be a resounding no. They would argue that such an act of discrimination exists solely to enable the power of greedy businessmen over powerless employees and would demand that the government take action to protect the crucial first amendment rights of workers within a sensible framework.

But alas…this is 2018 where men can be women, women can be men, I can be a parakeet, and where the kids are eating tide laundry detergent for fun. It also so happens to be a time in which the left has total control over corporate America and yet is still too blind to realize that they’re no longer fighting for the powerless. Indeed, the hippy radicals of yesteryear have become, “the man.”

Which brings me to Megan Squire.

In a recent piece published on WIRED we meet Ms. Squire, an aging left wing radical who works at Elon University as a Professor of Computer Science. Living as a bourgeois bohemian she’s married, with two children, a dog, and a cat. She engages in the typical recreational activities of any suburban Mother such as going on jogs and presumably deals with the cognitive dissonance that must surely arise from her conflicting lifestyle and views by downing a bottle of chardonnay at the end of the day.

But wait, her hypocrisy extends far beyond her personal life. For you see Ms. Squire is important today for only one reason: she doxes people. Specifically those she deems to be, “white nationalists” of which she claims to have a database of 400,000 and growing which she calls, “Whack-A-Mole.”

And what does she do with this information? Well I’ll let the original piece speak for itself:

Squire often feeds data to the SPLC, whose analysts might use it to provide information to police or to reveal white supremacists to their employers, seeking to get them fired. She also sent several high-profile names from the list to another contact, a left-wing activist who she knew might take more radical action—like posting their identities and photos online, for the public to do with what it would.

Signalling how virtuous and moral she is to be leaking other’s private information online, Ms. Squire goes on to say, “I’m not a millennial or a ‘snowflake.’ I’m a peaceful white mom who definitely doesn’t like what they’re saying.”

How peaceful is she? Well let’s take a look at who some of her friends are shall we? How about we start with the aforementioned left-wing activist she knows shall we?

Though Squire may be peaceful herself, among her strongest allies are “antifa” activists, the far-left antifascists. She doesn’t consider herself to be antifa and pushes digital activism instead of the group’s black-bloc tactics, in which bandanna-masked activists physically attack white supremacists. But she is sympathetic to antifa’s goal of silencing racist extremists and is unwilling to condemn their use of violence, describing it as the last resort of a “diversity of tactics.” She’s an intelligence operative of sorts in the battle against far-right extremism, passing along information to those who might put it to real-world use. Who might weaponize it.

A real charmer isn’t she? Leaking people’s addresses online and ensuring that such info gets into the hands of domestic terrorists? Charming as can be!

Completely oblivious to just how big of a hypocrite she has become, Ms. Squire waxes poetic about her youth noting that:

She has been involved in left-leaning movements since she was 15, when her high school environmental club took a trip to protest the pollution from an industrial pig farm. “I loved the activist community,” she says, “and saying things we weren’t supposed to say.” After getting degrees in art history and public policy from William & Mary, she became interested in computers and took a job as a secretary at an antivirus software company, working her way up to webmaster. She eventually got a PhD in computer science from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and moved to North Carolina to work at startup companies before landing a job teaching at Elon. Between classes she could often be spotted around town waving signs against the Iraq War, and in 2008 she went door to door campaigning for Barack Obama. But Obama’s failure, in her view, to live up to his rhetoric, compounded by the Great Recession, was “the turning point when I just threw in the towel on electoral politics,” she says. She plunged into the Occupy movement, coming to identify as a pacifist-anarchist, but she eventually became disillusioned with that as well when the movement’s “sparkle-fingers” utopianism, as she puts it, failed to generate results. In 2016, she cast a vote for the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

So to recap, we now have an aging left-wing radical who grew up proudly, “saying things we weren’t supposed to say” and who, despite spending her youth advocating for the disintegration of the nuclear family, now lives with one in an upper class suburban neighborhood passing her time doxing other people for saying things they’re not supposed to say online.

Irony is dead.

But back to Ms. Squire’s friends in ANTIFA. What did this so-called, “pacifist” think about them? The piece goes on with an answer:

She also organized a counterprotest to one of the group’s rallies, and it was at this event and others like it where she first became acquainted with the black-clad antifa activists. She was impressed. “They were a level of mad about racism and fascism that I was glad to see. They were definitely not quiet rainbow peace people.” Over the following months, she began feeding information to some of her new local antifa contacts. As white pride rallies intensified during 2017’s so-called Summer of Hate—a term coined by a neo-Nazi website—Squire began to monitor groups outside of North Carolina, corresponding with anonymous informants and pulling everything into her growing Whack-a-Mole database. Soon, in her community and beyond, antifa activists could be heard whispering about a new comrade who was bringing real, and potentially actionable, data-gathering skills to the cause.

It would seem the once young flower child has taken full bloom and developed into a Stalinist KGB agent extraordinaire, complete with her own database of private information ready to be weaponized against those would be enemies of the Party.

Today not only has the left completely given up on speaking for American workers, but they’ve outright jumped in to bed with the same corporate titans that they used to rail against. Silicon Valley is dominated by left-wingers, Hollywood has all but become the propaganda arm of the coastal liberal elite, and Wall Street has spent the last several years waging a war on grassroots conservatives who push policies that might conflict with their left PR image.

Speak out against the prevailing cultural zeitgeist? Prepare to have the Stalinist mob come after you. Perhaps at your place of work, perhaps merely online, or perhaps even at your home. It would seem that yesterday’s flower child has become today’s Stalinist. Completely oblivious to her own hypocrisy Ms. Squire maintains that she is aware of the risks that doxing other people poses but that, “it seems worth it. That’s what taking a stand is.”

One wonders whether or not she has even the faintest idea of how much she’s become, “the man” that she no doubt professed to hate so very much all those years ago.


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