Yes, Africa is a Shithole

Psst, come here. Yes, you. Come over here and listen to me, I’ve got a bit of a secret to tell you. It’s something that isn’t widely known you see, so I’d much prefer if you kept this very confidential information between us. You ready? Ok, so you probably don’t know this…but Africa isn’t a very nice place to live.

I know right! SHOCKER!

Yes….some people apparently actually think this news is shocking and indeed, something which ought not to be said at all. Yesterday it came out that, while discussing immigration with several Senators, President Trump opined about why exactly it is that America’s immigration policies seem to favour importing millions from the third world and why it is that America would want all these people from,“all these shithole countries.”

Needless to say, the left immediately went into an apoplectic rage and began flinging that most trite and meaningless of words: racist, racist, racist!

Within hours of Trump’s comments leaking to the Press one anonymous staffer on the Congressional Black Caucus remarked to the press that, “Make America Great Again really means Make America White Again” and as of this morning the UN has reportedly declared Trump’s comments, “racist” as well. (I might add, if anyone is an expert on racism it’s the UN, just look at their long history of anti-Semitic resolutions targeting Israel while ignoring virtual every blood soaked dictatorship in…Africa.)

Allow me to let you in on a little secret though: there’s absolutely nothing racist about saying that Africa (and Haiti and the third world in general) are shitholes because, quite frankly, they are. Don’t just take my word for it, look it up yourself. When is the last time you ever heard any good news out of Africa? It’s always either starving children, bloody civil wars & genocides, the rise or fall of a dictator, the outbreak of a plague, etc…. In short, a shithole.

But don’t you dare say that to the left. For according to them Africa is a beautiful paradise where everyone sits around and sings kumbaya around the campfire and when they’re done doing that they hold rich cultural traditions such as…..smashing women’s breasts in?

Yeah, like the President said, a shithole. Which begs exactly the question President Trump asked, why do we want these people coming to our country? We can barely care for our own poor and now we’re expected to import some of the most desperate people on Earth? Indeed, people with little to no education whatsoever and almost no discernible skills? Who exactly is this supposed to benefit? You? Me? America?

None of the above unfortunately. It benefits only two groups: the super rich who wish to import all the cheap labor they can to save a buck and the Democrats who get to rack up the votes from these foreigners because they push the welfare policies that largely fund their meagre existence since the former group won’t actually pay them a fair market wage.

All the while John and Jane Doe Middle Class foot the bill while at the same time getting to see the cultural erosion of their country as we import people who by and large in incapable of assimilating into our culture and society.

Here’s another little secret for you, millions of unintelligent people aren’t going to assimilate. You can lead an idiot into a class but you can’t make them learn. Some people, quite frankly, aren’t smart enough to successfully assimilate into our society. That’s not a hateful statement, that’s literally no different than saying that not everyone is smart enough to be a Doctor. Intelligence matters and study after study have noted that this is not exactly Africa’s strong suit.

So Africa’s a shithole. Does that mean that black people or the people living there are somehow inferior or anything like that? Of course not. Like all members of the human race they are unique and no doubt possess their own strengths and weaknesses. But it’s not racist to acknowledge that which is objectively true and objectively speaking Africa is a failed continent by any objective standard. Indeed, those few places where Africa did seem to be making progress such as in Libya under Gaddafi where literacy rates were on the rise and innovative agricultural techniques were being developed wre quickly destroyed by the world’s elites and reduced back to a shithole. Indeed, one could be forgiven for suspecting that the global elite have a vested interest in causing as much destruction and ruin as possible within these already miserable third world countries. A vested interest such as….oh I don’t know….creating mass migrations to the West in order to gain cheap labourers and new voters?  

President Trump is right, Africa is a shithole and we shouldn’t be expected to be the world’s proverbial toilet. It’s time America put forward an immigration policy that puts our country and our people first while simultaneously embracing a foreign policy that isn’t totally obsessed with bombing brown people into oblivion and creating the kinds of migrant crisis we’ve seen in the past few years.


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