Spain Doesn’t Only Ignore Trump’s Decision on Israel

As most of you may remember, last December 6, Donald Trump took a major step and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Democrats, United Nations, European Union, and many others opposed that decision.

Meanwhile European countries like Hungary and Czech Republic as in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have already begun moving their embassies hosted in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, the Spanish government is following the lead of the Leftist establishment.

Foreign Affairs Minister Alfonso Dastis tweeted that the Jerusalem statute is “a central issue that must be resolved by negotiation” whose tweak is “extremely sensible”. He added that “there is no better alternative than the solution of two States, Israel and Palestine, living together in peace and security”. It was sent the same day the US president announced his decision.

The tweet in question suggests clearly Spanish government follows the progressive establishment opinion. They ignore such a historical truth. In 1945, David Ben-Gurion declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and in 1995 US “Jerusalem Embassy Act” stressed diplomatic representation must be placed in that city.

Nevertheless, that’s not the first time that Spanish institutions have satisfied the interests of Palestinians despite the existence of a diplomatic relationship since 1986 during center-left Felipe Gonzalez’s government.

Five years ago, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted a statement to declare Palestine as an “observer State.” That meant recognizing that territory as a sovereign State. Only 50 countries were represented when that supranational entity voted against the measure (Spain was not there).

On November 27, 2012, Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, stressed they wanted “a long-lasting, global, fair and negotiated solution of two States living together in peace, security and prosperity”. He suggested it was also which the majority of the international community desired.

In October 2016, Spain did not vote against UNESCO resolution for unlinking Jerusalem Western Wall of Judaism. That project, proposed by Palestine and supported by not few Arab states, also condemned Israel for the management of sacred places in its capital. That wall is now considered as a place only for Islam.

Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israel’s ambassador for UNESCO reported that stance saying that they had “just adopted a [resolution] against historical truth and one that stands in complete and utter contradiction to all values” whereas Israeli Prime MinisterNetanyahu asked to maintain its status quo.

Two months later, the UN Security Council approved a resolution against “Israeli settlements in Palestine” with the support of Spain, a country that was non-permanent member of that council between 2015-2016. However, the 1907 Hague Convention recognizes Israel’s right to build Jewish communities in C Area of West Bank because there’s not yet a legitimate State of Palestine.

However, not all those actions against the only Middle Eastern state where civil liberties are recognized have taken place during Dastis’ rule as minister, nor at a supranational entity crowd of anti-Semites and enemies of Western Civilization.

Last November 30, the autonomous parliament of Extremadura, one of the 17 autonomous communities in which Spain is divided up, voted an institutional statement proclaiming that Palestine is victim of an “illegal occupation” made by successive Israeli governments. People’s Party, Socialist Party, Ciudadanos and PODEMOS voted in favor of that.

That entity stressed that it lamented the annual “extension of Israeli colonies and settlements,” as in that international community could not continue ignoring “that reality and omitting their responsibility”. It was also an instance for Spain, the EU and the UN. Besides, it supports European Parliament and Congress of Deputies pro-Palestine resolutions.

All this evidences the Spanish overruling social democrat and progressive consensus. Sadly, Progressives hate every signal of the West. It implies standing against a key territory such as Israel, where civil liberties (religion, expression and so on) and basic rights are guaranteed.






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