America’s Becoming Great Again: Trump’s First Year in Review

As we come to the end of the first year of the Trump Administration, it’s worth looking back and reflecting on all that has been achieved as well as looking towards the future to see what remains to be done. But by any standard, President Trump has had one of the most productive first years of any President in history. Not only in terms of keeping campaign promises but also in terms of results delivered.

So here they are, in no specific order, President Trump’s greatest achievements of 2017 and what remains to be done in 2018!

Making America Safe Again

One of the first major campaign promises that President Trump chose to act on was that of the travel ban. After several years of steadily increasing Islamic terror attacks throughout Europe as a result of their refugee resettlement programs, President Trump decided to end the failed policies of the Obama Administration that dumped thousands upon thousands of so-called, “refugees” from all over the Middle East into our country. Not only did President Trump effectively reduce the opportunity for terrorists to sneak into the country under the guise of being refugees, he also ramped up border security and immigration enforcement. Within the first six months of the new administration the number of criminal immigrants being detained and deported rose while the number of criminal aliens attempting to enter the country dropped to lower levels than at any time during the Obama Administration.

According to Customs and Border Protection there has been a 53% drop in the number of apprehensions at the southwest border and according to the President of the National Border Patrol Council what President Trump has accomplished in securing our borders is, “nothing short of miraculous.”

As President Trump ends his first year in office, he can safely say that America has begun to feel safe again under his watch.

Ending the Globalist Economic Stranglehold

Another of President Trump’s major campaign promises was to remake how America trades with the rest of the world. After decades of lopsided trade deals that took advantage of our workers and our prosperity, effectively turning us into the world’s largest cow upon which smaller parasites fed off of, President Trump took action to withdraw the United States from the disastrous TPP, Paris Climate Accord, and began renegotiating NAFTA.

A major component to Trump’s success last November was his promise to stand for the forgotten men and women of America. His actions on trade and other international agreements impacting our nation’s economic life have demonstrated a keen willingness to follow through on this promise. Within the first year of such considerations, the Trump Administration is estimated to have created 1.7 million jobs as well as driving the stock market to new record highs with the latest reported DOW average resting at over 20,000 points and soon to be over 25,000 a record high in American history.

Combating Islamic Terror

After eight years of appeasement and a refusal to even name radical Islamic terror for what it was, Americans got sick of the Obama Administration’s apparent weakness. Trump promised on the campaign trail to get tough on terror and as in so many other areas he has not disappointed.

Besides ramping up the US bombing campaign on ISIS and sending more advisers to help our Iraqi allies fight the enemy directly on the ground, President Trump has also taken a huge step in dismantling the disastrous Iran Nuclear Agreement which would have all but assured a nuclear armed Iran in the next 10 years had it been allowed to continue on. Most recently President Trump made the monumental decision to finally recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, ending decades of US appeasement of Islamists and declaring firmly that we will no longer kowtow to the Muslim world simply because it threatens to riot and throw tantrums every time they do not get their way.

Indeed, the decision to finally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sends a strong message to the Islamic world in general and the Palestinians in particular: either get serious about peace or expect to walk away empty handed.

One thing is certain, this administration is tough on radical Islam and will not sacrifice American interests on the altar of political correctness as its predecessors did.

Repeal of Obamacare

While Obamacare is still technically on the books, the recent passage of the GOP Tax Bill which repeals the individual mandate all but ensures the law’s demise in the years to come. Without the critical funding mechanism that held the failed healthcare law together, it will begin to crumble and fall. While much work remains to be done in reforming America’s broken healthcare system, President Trump has given Americans some relief in ending this unconstitutional mandate that effectively acted as a colossal tax on the poor.

Cutting Taxes for the Majority of Americans

While some, myself included, have argued that it was misguided to pursue the passage of an unpopular tax reform bill right off the bat and that the bill is far from perfect, it cannot be denied that the bill does in fact cut taxes for 80% of Americans. While the cuts may be problematic in the years to come in terms of being able to fund other parts of President Trump’s agenda, they are offering badly needed relief to millions of Americans who need it.

Even if ill timed, the GOP’s Tax Reform bill goes down as this administration’s first major legislative accomplishment and as a sign of this administration’s dedication to offering relief to those Americans who have gotten none for so very long.

Rendering the Lying Press Impotent

What list of President Trump’s accomplishments would be complete without a reference to fake news? While we’ve known for years that the mainstream media is dominated by the left and more interested in promoting a leftist agenda than actually relaying facts, it has finally become apparent to the majority of the American people that this is the case in the Trump Era. With CNN stooping to cartoonishly petty lows in their attempts to drag the President down to the crew of Morning Joe suffering aneurysms on air with each new tweet, President Trump has effectively exposed the liars in the press for what they are: fake news!

The latest polling shows that a full two-thirds of Americans believe the press regularly publishes fake news and this is wonderful news for those of us on the right who’ve struggled to promote actual facts over the media’s false leftwing narratives.

As he ends his first year in office, it is safe to say that President Trump has rendered the lying press impotent, let us hope they either reform their ways or forever lose the trust of the American people.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As President Trump’s first year in office comes to an end we can see he’s accomplished quite a substantial bit in quite a short amount of time. Truly a massive feat for any President, especially an outsider with no experience in the political realm prior to taking this incredibly hard job. But even as the first year comes to an end, we still have work to do in pursuit of Making America Great Again.

First and foremost, the wall needs to be built and immigration laws and restrictions need to be tightened. While prototypes for the border wall have already begun to be built and President Trump is expected to visit them in the coming weeks, we cannot afford to lose time or energy in pursuit of this most important goal. The GOP Establishment has indicated time and time again that they actively are opposed to the construction of any such permanent solution to our border security and as I noted a few nights ago, their decision to pursue tax cuts without spending reductions may actually endanger funding for the wall going forward. Immigration laws also need to be changed, not only to put an end to the flow of economic migrants seeking to come to America for benefits rather than for work but also to reduce immigration overall. Even with the massive downturns in criminal immigration, our nation continues to take in millions of unskilled immigrants legally who not only artificially deflate wages but who also contribute to Democratic wins in key races. Take for example Florida which is expected to go solidly blue in 2018 midterms precisely because of the influx of Puerto Ricans following Hurricane Maria. Immigration must continue to remain this Administration’s top priority moving forward.

Infrastructure investment also remains badly needed. Not only was it amongst President Trump’s most popular campaign promises but events throughout his first year in office prove how badly it is needed. From the recent tragedy in Washington to the major inconvenience that occured in Atlanta at the Hartsfield International airport, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our nation is in desperate need of infrastructure investment and now.

Finally, the swamp still very clearly needs to be drained. Not only are many establishment Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan still in office but their influence still effects key areas of policy that Trump promised radical change on, such as in the realm of foreign policy for example. While President Trump has obviously taken some major steps forward in the right direction on this front, there have also been a few mistakes. Namely, the failure to adequately confront China and the mistake made in bombing Syria early on in the administration.

Even though much remains to be done, one cannot deny that within his first year President Trump has already begun Making America Great Again and I look forward to seeing what more this administration can and will accomplish going forward!


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