No Sanctuary for Bleeding Hearts

Let’s face it: the majority of people hate President Donald Trump. Or, as we should say, it APPEARS that the majority of people hate President Donald Trump. Every day during his 2016 presidential campaign was an onslaught of politically correct terms, such as racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, just to name a few. These are terms that people today seem to think are worse than terms like serial killer, pedophile, and terrorist. Much of this hatred for Trump was brought forth largely due to his get-things-done mentality and commonsense view of how the United States needed to be protected from foreign enemies.

Yet, now that Donald Trump is approaching his one-year anniversary as president with overwhelming success, we can’t help but reflect on how he has performed recently alongside other world leaders. For starters, the United States is massively safer under Trump’s leadership than Obama’s when taking Islamic terrorism into consideration. While it is unfortunate that Islamic terrorism has largely moved to Western Europe, I believe that our safety comes first and as a 9/11 child I am so proud that we’ve only had one Islamic terror attack this year.

The difference between President Trump and other world leaders is that other world leaders, particularly the most ‘popular’ ones, are the most incapable of leading. The reason they are incapable of leading is because they care far more about their celebrity, about their public image, than they do about protecting their citizens and keeping their countries prosperous, and the primary goal here is to shine the light on Sadiq Khan and Justin Trudeau, two prominent leaders who were recently featured in global news.

Sadiq Khan, a man totally incapable of maintaining one of the most glorious cities Western civilization has ever seen, decided to berate President Trump about his tweets regarding the London bridge attack. President Trump is also no longer allowed to visit the U.K. for a planned visit after sharing some allegedly anti-Islamic videos on Twitter. Never mind your own city and your own people who are being systematically damaged by that very ideology, we have the social media accounts of the U.S. President to monitor. Khan, who has openly advocated for just getting used to terrorism in big cities likely has done nothing in the minds and the hearts of the people for the sake of leadership and safety. He’s merely a token leader, someone who was put there to keep the bad people from getting too angry with his endless capitulation.

Justin Trudeau, the weepy leader of Canada, decided to win a few brownie points himself by personally apologizing to the LGBTQ community for atrocities committed against their community during the Cold War. Now, for starters, the Cold War officially ended in 1991: Trudeau became leader of Canada in 2015, and he was only 20 in 1991. He bears no responsibility for the Cold War, and it is highly unlikely that the majority of people within the Canadian community are responsible for it as well. So why is he crying over the supposed atrocities? For the same reason that Khan is berating President Trump. Because they are weak men who are frightened of the people of the world, both good and bad, and are playing the lowest submission card possible in order to avoid any sort of guilt or blame.

The similarity here is that both Khan and Trudeau show their willingness to sacrifice basic human dignity for the sake of capitulation. Khan in particular has made clear his willingness to sacrifice his own people for the sake of political correctness on multiple occasions. So with these men who are willing to go to such lengths to avoid offending anyone, to shift the blame to others or take the beating for a war that ended when you were likely still living with your parents, it’s no wonder the people have such a backlash to President Trump: they can’t comprehend someone willing to draw the line, a leader who is willing to keep his country safe and prosperous no matter what people think of him. Nowadays, we are so used to our leaders being more like celebrities than actual leaders, it’s hard for some people to fathom why someone in President Trump’s position would be as okay with being so unpopular. Perhaps, in thirty years when we look back and see how much terrorism and suffering was going on in other parts of the world, we’ll be able to fully appreciate the genius and irony of Donald Trump’s presidency.


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