Is This Justice?

Do you all remember the Women’s March of 2017, the pink hats and “this p*ssy bites back” signs? The overwhelming glorification of respect for women’s historical struggles and pain? I remember that as well. How about Hillary Clinton, when she claimed that women should be believed no matter what when coming forward with accusations of sexual assault? Or the college student who carried a mattress around campus everywhere she went to symbolize the weight of her rape experience? Yep and yep. We’re on the right side of history by siding with these people, correct? Especially when we’ve got all these seemingly endless public figures who are being accused of sexual misconduct, we should be living in a world that is praising the justified capture and incarceration of these perpetrators. Or so one might think.

The latter half of 2017 as we’ve seen it is a fertile breeding ground for sexual assault scandals involving high profile figures. We have all witnessed the downfalls of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and what may also be the crumbling foundation of Hollywood itself. This world, which has become saturated by a leftist obsession with oppressive feminism, should be enthusiastic about these scandals, purporting yet again to be the one true savior of women’s rights.

Let’s look at two pertinent men who have been placed in the sexual perpetrator stocks, metaphorically-speaking: Al Franken and Matt Lauer. Al Franken, whose accusations of sexual assault are largely established and accepted, is still largely in power. He remains a leftist darling with some democrats, and some civilians and public servants alike are wondering whether or not firing him would even be justified. The Washington Post claims that Franken is, “…fighting for political survival,” and that “None of his [Franken’s] fellow Senate Democrats has yet called for Franken to resign: the party line has been that he should be dealt with by the Ethics Committee”. Now, while Nancy Pelosi has appropriately endorsed a Zero Tolerance policy for Franken’s behavior, this doesn’t seem to be the majority opinion. Despite photographic evidence of Franken’s behavior there seems to be massive reluctance to call for Franken’s removal as a public servant: he does not deserve that position, yet he remains protected and coddled. There is a foreboding cloud that hovers, stating that soon this will all be forgotten.

Let’s take a look at Matt Lauer. While Lauer doesn’t have the position of political power that Franken has, as a former NBC anchor he certainly had social influence. Lauer has been accused of being involved in a sexting incident, as well as pinching Katie Couric’s you-know-what. He was subsequently fired probably about 30 seconds after the news hit the air, and as such we are lumping Matt Lauer in with men like Weinstein, Spacey, and Franken.

The difficulty with Lauer is, of course, evidence. So far, his case is held in the hands of anecdotes and personal accounts of, “Oh yeah, back then a thing happened, I wonder if it’s related.” While NBC had every right to fire Lauer, his case is a beautiful example of the rampant inconsistencies we face every day when the extreme left is running the show. Lauer is fired almost immediately with only circumstantial evidence that could be beyond its statute of limitations. Franken, an actual sexual assault perpetrator for whom we have actual evidence, is allowed to maintain his position of political power. Did Lauer upset the wrong person, did Franken cover up for the right person? Perhaps we’ll never know. Luckily, that’s what’s important: the holes in the narrative are tearing so massively we could watch the northern lights though them. The narrative isn’t even complex or original, it’s the same narrative we all learned on the playground: we’re the ones with the power, so you do as we say.

The narrative starts by getting into people’s emotions and manipulating their guilt: people think they are justified and safe by choosing the side that promotes women’s rights and fighting for minorities. To them, God can never judge them for their views, the ends justify the means, and dealing with a corrupt system is better than leaving the moral high ground of identity politics. Yet when some of your most precious elites are proven sexual assault perpetrators you turn a blind eye and don’t want them to lose their powerful influence, while simultaneously firing others accused of the same actions with little to no evidence. It’s time to realize that siding with the left because it’s the moral choice is not going to save you. There is no reasoning here, only tyranny.

We can hope that the true victims are given the sanctuary and legal help that they need, and also that the perpetrators will be brought to justice if they are truly guilty. Franken has not yet been tried as the guilty man that he is, and Lauer has already been deemed guilty with no period of innocence. It’s time for us to be the ones asking the questions and finding the story, since the fate of these men truly rests in the hands of the people since they will be going down in history.


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