A Modest Proposal to Protect Women

Another day another….sexual assault allegation? Yes, ever since the fall of Harvey Weinstein allegations of sexual misconduct amongst the rich, powerful, and influential have been almost a dime a dozen. George H.W. Bush, Roy Moore, Charlie Rose, literally no one would seem to be safe from charges of sexual misconduct being made against them.

This of course leads to some pretty troubling questions for us as a society. Namely, is sexual misconduct really this prevalent or are we facing a crisis of truth in which even crimes as despicable as those which are sexual in nature have been weaponized and falsified in the pursuit of petty political aims? Many Americans no doubt find themselves wondering, “just what the hell is going on?”

We are indeed witnessing a watershed moment, but not the one which is being portrayed in the national media’s narrative on this discussion. To hear the mass media tell it, every man and their brother might be a sexual predator. Yes, even Grandpa’s hugs over the Thanksgiving holiday are not free from suspicion of lewd motives as a recent Girl Scout exhortation made clear in urging parents not to let their little girls be hugged by family members.

It would seem that we’re witnessing an orchestrated attempt by the cultural and economic elite of our times to further erode the hard fought and won for equality of the sexes that men and women have enjoyed in the United States for almost a century. Just as the national media worked overtime during the Obama years to push the narrative of a white, racist police state that routinely murdered young black men; they now work overtime to peddle the narrative of a system riddled by design with sexist chauvinism. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the news anchors themselves.

In the wake of Charlie Rose’s firing, his former colleague Norah O’Donnell went live on air to claim that the sexual abuse of which Rose is accused of participating in is, “systematic and pervasive.” Prior to Rose’s firing news anchors were gushing over Mitt Romney for, “setting the new standard” by which we handle sexual abuse allegations for his out and out condemnation of Roy Moore, in which he claimed innocent until proven guilty did not apply. Megyn Kelly delivered the perhaps most telling of statements on the ongoing spate of sexual allegations. Kelly mused live on air that, “The time has come. The time has come. We are in the middle of an empowerment revolution in this country.”

Ah…revolutions. Those always end well don’t they?

(Spoiler) They don’t.

Indeed, revolutions often eat their own. As Robespierre or any number of communists murdered by their own fellow revolutionaries can attest and this will ultimately end in the same manner. Look no further than how women have fared in the years following the advent of the sexual revolution for proof of this.

Depression is rampant amongst young women and as the recent spate of headlines will more than attest, women appear to be objectified like never before. For decades the sexual exploitation of women was an open secret which received a wink and a nod from much of mainstream society. Indeed, many of the architects of the sexual revolution have now come out with their stories of how they lied to advance the false claims of the last, “great” revolution our country endured. As the National Catholic Register reports:

“Sue Ellen Browder admitted in Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement that she was paid to make up stories for Cosmopolitan magazine to encourage sex for single women. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, once a notorious abortionist who aborted his own child and helped get Roe v Wade become law, became pro-life and admitted they had made up “lies.”

So what exactly can we do to protect women in our country? Even if some of the allegations presented amongst the recent flood of them are false, surely some must be true right? After all, we have photographic evidence of Al Franken’s perversion.

Which is why I today humbly submit a modest proposal to protect women. One which will solve many of the problems that the sexual revolution has wrought upon our culture and which will ensure the safety and dignity of each and every woman in our great nation is upheld.

  • Sex should occur only within the confines of Marriage. There’s no denying it, marriage sorted out many of the thorny (and downright silly at times) consent issues our society currently struggles with. Men and women didn’t have to guess if their partner consented to their advances or not because this had already been worked out when they took their vows together. Indeed, marriage provided men with the impetus to actually dedicate time, effort, and love in their relationships with women in order to eventually marry and have sex with them. Likewise women did not face intense anxiety about their personal safety and security in a setting where they knew their partner as a person long before they ever knew them intimately.

    Marriage, properly understood, serves as a way to not only draw a man and a woman closer to one another on an emotional and spiritual level but also served to help them draw one another closer to the Lord. Indeed, the marriage between a man and a woman perfectly represents Christ’s marriage to his Holy Church. What better relationship could you possibly ask for?


  • Don’t Be Alone With a Woman Other than your wife. As Vice President Mike Pence has suggested, men and women should not spend time alone with one another if they are not married. This is not to say that men and women cannot spend time with one another but that they should make a conscious effort to only do so when in public. This serves two purposes, both of which help to better protect women. First, it makes it easier on both partners to successfully commit to and maintain the aforementioned point about abstaining from sex until marriage. Second, it prevents situations as that which happened with Harvey Weinstein and others. It’s much more difficult for a would be abuser to begin assaulting a woman if she is in public or with other people. Indeed, this also would serve to prevent adultery to a degree as well. Indeed, if a man is calling a woman over to his house in the dead of night he probably isn’t planning on praying the rosary with her. He’s got something else in mind and vice-versa as well.

    In Catholic teaching, this is referred to as an occasion of sin. That is, conditions where we are likely to be enticed into sin. Play it safe, don’t risk a lifetime of regret and hurt for the risk of a few more fleeting hours or some one on one time with your significant other. You’ll have plenty of time to be alone with them once you’re married. Which brings us to…


  • Stop Treating Dating Like a Recreational Activity. Quite frankly, one of the biggest problems in our culture today is the manner in which people approach dating. Rather than seeking to know the other person and determine whether or not we’d consider marrying them, dating seems to have become a recreational activity centered around the self. This has resulted in two consequences, both of which harm women. First, as dating has become an activity by which young people are encouraged to, “explore” their sexuality, it has resulted in a mountain of cases in which women wound up either being abused or contracting (or exposing someone else to) a sexually transmitted infection.

    Indeed, the casual, no strings attached style of dating which has grown prominent in our culture has resulted in a skyrocketing STI rate and a generation of young people hopelessly confused about just what exactly it is they’re doing. Just as marriage protects women by simplifying the issue of consent and making it very clear to both parties, so too does old school dating help define just what exactly is going on for young people.

    Bottom line, if you wouldn’t at least consider putting a ring on a person, don’t date that person.
  • Ask Her Father’s Blessing Before Dating or Proposing to Her. Accountability is a beautiful thing, it helps to set clearly defined lines of what is and is not ok and ensures we do not cross those lines. By asking a woman’s father or mother for their blessing in her hand in marriage (or just dating) you are signifying that you respect their daughter as well as their love for her. You are also setting some degree of accountability for yourself now as well. Because you are acknowledging that this is someone’s daughter we are talking about.

    Now at this point some feminists might be up in arms (assuming they’ve not suffered cardiac arrest this far in yet) and protesting that, “it doesn’t matter what her relationship to someone else is, she’s a human being and that is all that matters!” Allow me to ask them, what kind of man would you want for your daughter? Would you be ok with him if he were a sexist pig who thought that women shouldn’t be allowed to drive? I think not. Asking a woman’s family for their blessing to marry or date her shows respect for her and for them. It creates a sense of accountability in the man because he knows that he is now accountable to them for ensuring the safety and good treatment of their daughter. It truly helps establish his relationship as a new member of the family.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with this modest proposal, history would indicate that it works. The years following the advent of the Sexual Revolution have done nothing to help advance women, but have rather lead to a culture in which they are objectified and abused as never before. If we are to truly take steps towards helping protect women in our society, then we do not need another revolution such as Megyn Kelly proposes. Rather we need a counter revolution against those revolutionary forces which have created the culture we see before us today. Indeed, we need a total reversal of the Sexual Revolution.




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