What (Really) Happened

While many of us look at Hillary Clinton and see a woman whose dreams have been shattered, we may actually be seeing a woman whose dreams have come true, albeit in an unorthodox way. Anyone living in the modern world with access to a television, magazine, Wal-Mart checkout line, or smart phone during 2016 was quite familiar with the anxiety of potential Russian influence in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Given that we have had shaky relations (at best) with Russia since long before my grandparents were children, looming Russian influence felt both terrifying and behemoth. We knew of their infamy, but many young voters hadn’t witnessed their crimes the way the September 11th generation had. Suddenly, the world felt more dangerous, like another giant monster aside from the Middle East was slowly waking out of hibernation. Hillary Clinton, as we have now learned, decided to use this against us in a most egregious way, manipulating the minds and emotions of her most dedicated followers while using false information to smear her opposition. This is, of course, regarding the recently released information about the Trump-Russia dossier.

The Trump-Russia dossier, a document that has now been found to be full of fake information fed through British spy Christopher Steele, was intended to be nothing less than smoke without a smoking gun. The goal was to terrify and guilt the American people, the people they saw as the last few stragglers who dare not support Hillary. The document itself was said to be messy and full of unverifiable information, completely unlike true documents of its kind that need to be exacting and critical. We all know that opposition research is one thing, but stockpiling fake information in order to smear a candidate? That’s not just disrespectful to your opponent, that’s stabbing the American people in the back, the people who have decided to prop you up again and again even as you continue to prove your untrustworthiness.

The problem that we see, the reason that she did not get voted into office, is that Hillary will do anything humanly possible in order to win. From calling minorities “super predators” back in 1996, to her ever-shifting stance on gay marriage before it became a condemnable sin to oppose it, and claims that her reliable track record is based on her values and her experience. Yet, how can we trust that you have any true values to begin with when you openly support having both a public and private stance on issues? One of the core fundamental values of the United States is that we do not let our personal and emotional perspectives dictate our political views, but rather have the freedom to let our perspectives influence our political views (ex., state-imposed morality vs. freedom to judge morality). If you claim that your reliability partly comes from your values, how are we to believe your reliability is, indeed, reliable?

Well Hillary, you are certainly reliable, that’s for sure. You’re reliably unreliable. The suspicious Trump-Russia collusion we all felt so familiar with back in 2016 was the fortunate cross you had to bear. Appealing to the matters of the day you claimed victimhood status by trying to garner sympathy, because it was so difficult to run for president as a woman while Mother Russia was simultaneously funding your patriarchal opposition.

What we can deduce here, in the above mentioned information that was relevant long before the 2016 election, is that Hillary Clinton will indeed to anything to win. Anything, even paying the cost of being a shell of a human who lacks any true backbone or fundamental values to lead the American people. That shell has made her pathetic and weak, a self-fulfilled prophecy to sacrifice anything to be powerful within the political sphere. In this way we can see the underlying motivation is little more than ego, and now that she will be in the books forever as the force behind the Trump-Russia collusion farce she can rest easy – she will be famous for a very, very long time.


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