Liberal Privilege, the Only Real Privilege

Especially within in the last few years, we have heard about White Privilege, specifically for white males. In all reality, the only privilege being exercised in this country today is Liberal Privilege. What is Liberal Privilege you might ask? Liberal privilege is the ability to say or do whatever you want and not be held accountable for it.

Let us go over some textbook examples of Liberal Privilege. Liberals are one of the most racist groups out there. Some of the largest evidence of this racism lay in their constant virtue signaling. Basically, they feel minorities won’t be able to function or survive without them. This is both disturbing and is racist. On top of that, Liberals can bash and say anything they want about White people and it is not considered to be racist, but let any Conservative say anything remotely negative about any other group of people or express anything positive about their race, and they are instantly labeled as racist.

Another example of Liberal privilege is the fact that Liberals can openly discriminate against people and get away with it completely. Liberals can boycott states, or companies, or people they don’t agree with, but if a Conservative refuses to bake a cake  or boycotts anything they don’t agree with, then it’s considered racist, homophobic, and bigoted.

Let’s also talk about the election. Liberals can admit openly that they rigged the DNC primary and suffer no consequences, yet they have the audacity to call for a witch hunt against President Trump to find collusion with Russia, when no such collusion existed, except with the Democratic Party and the Uranium One scandal. Of course, they will likely get away with that as well with little to no consequence.

Another great example of Liberal Privilege is political correctness. As a Liberal, all you have to say is that something someone says, thinks, does, or believes offends you, and all of sudden it gives you this power over that person. You have the privilege to not have to hear differing opinions. This is the epitome of Liberal Privilege.

Recently, with all the sex scandals in Hollywood and the Democratic Party, we will dive into that a little bit. The Democratic Party has repeatedly accused Republicans of waging a, “War on Women” while in reality it has been Democrats such as Weinstein and Weiner who have been sexist and aggressive towards multitudes of women.

In the end, it is clear to see that the Democratic party and Liberals in general can accuse Conservatives of the very things that they themselves are doing. That is what Liberal Privilege is all about. Do and say whatever you want without fear of negative consequences.



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