Salon’s Useful Idiots

Earlier today Salon published a list of the, “25 Conservatives Actually Worth Following on Twitter.” Now I won’t bother listing off everyone they’ve got on there. But suffice it to say that it contains the likes of Bill Kristol and Ana Navarro (eww) amongst others. My friend Haley Byrd (who you should follow on Twitter in spite of our disagreements) also made the list but I’m not going to focus on her today.

The discerning reader may notice two things about Salon’s list though. One: Everyone on it is staunchly Never Trump and has been since the 2016 Primary. Two: Not a single notable social conservative is on there, after all, why else is David French noticeably absent from this who’s who of the Never Trump movement?

The Communists had a term for these types of people: useful idiots. The assortment of people in Salon’s list are, “good” in the eyes of the left precisely because they represent the status-quo and pose no real threat to the left’s stranglehold on cultural and consequently, governmental power. Sure Rod Dreher is Never Trump, but his faith and social conservatism make him problematic to the prevailing cultural zeitgeist and so he’s left out of this gathering of the left’s preferred, “opposition.” This speaks volumes about the so-called, “Conservatives” who have consistently opposed Trump since 2016 and the socially conservative wing of the movement for even longer.

The reality is this: there are those on the right (and I say that with some sense of hesitation, given how left wing many of their views are on the cultural issues of the day) who have been in power within the GOP for some time who would much prefer that things stay as they are culturally speaking. They may take issue with the fiscal and economic direction of the country, sure. But at the end of the day these folks would rather live in Venezuela than acknowledge the simple fact that there are only two genders or that a country is nothing without her borders. 

Perhaps Salon’s article would be better titled, “Our Useful Idiots” because that’s what it is. A list of the folks who the left would like to see back in charge of the GOP so that they could go back to mopping the floor with us in election after election and ignoring any sort of cultural argument or policy from the actual right. What has Bill Kristol’s version of, “conservatism” actually conserved? Nothing. Gay marriage is legal, a culture of death abounds, transgenderist ideology is pushed in elementary school classes, monuments to American history are being demolished at breakneck speed. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been conserved by Kristol and co’s so called, “Conservatism.” Absolutely nothing and that’s exactly why he made it onto Salon’s list, along with the rest of their useful idiots. 


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