On The Culture War- The New “N” Word That Is Dividing America

As the summer of 2017 draws to a close, Conservatives once again must confront the cold and hard truth, the real war for the heart of America lies not with policy or legislative means, but rather in the popular culture and more specifically within the terminology and jargon that is used to express communication and ideas about our country and fellow citizens. Throughout human civilization, certain terms or phrases have been used to unjustly characterize certain groups of people, their beliefs as sub human and/or evil by their detractors.

The most prominent example of this in my mind historically speaking is the term “Ni—er” used to describe African Americans as subhuman neanderthals who were both physically and morally degenerate in the eyes of plantation owners, slave traders, and later on by self proclaimed “morally superior” pro segregationists during the 1960s Civil Rights Era. They {segregationists} used this term to stigmafy and discredit African Americans, the idea of civil rights, and White civil rights allies, as somehow less then or even inherently evil based on racial identity and perceived thought crimes of the day. Thankfully this vulgar term is generally frowned upon in modern civilized society, as are the institutions of legal slavery and segregation.

Trigger Warning: The Rest Of This Post Contains Commentary And Ideas Which Some Readers May Find “Controversial” or “Unsettling”. Reader Descrestion Is Advised.

Unfortunately, another form of discrimination plagues our society and popular culture today in a much more subtle way. Political beliefs and identity are the new taboo in 2017, just as racial identity and ideas were back in 1967. In a world where much of the media, technology and social media outlets, and educational institutions run predominately by those on the far left political spectrum: The term “Nazi” is now casually thrown around as the new N word to stigmafy, discredit, and ultimately shut down those who hold even slightly right of center beliefs and are therefore “inherently evil”.

I am not suggesting that the two N words can be conflated into the exact same thing nor do I condone racism and bigotry in any way. I, in fact, abhor the hatred that both of these poisonous N words represent both individually, and collectively. Furthermore, just as the plantation owner punished slaves for false crimes, so too does the elite left. What’s worse is when someone like Ben Shapiro goes to Berkeley, and is accused of being a Nazi with despite clear evidence of Orthodox Jewish faith.

There is no evidence to even suggest conservatives are Nazi like in any way. Richard Spencer doesn’t even consider himself conservative so that argument is invalid.

In conclusion, these baseless accusations will only continue to divide the nation just as the other N word did long ago. Only an open exchange of ideas, including controversial ones, will better the future of the nation.


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