Whatever Happened to the Motherland? Media Blackout on Russia

Notice how, for the first time in almost eight months, the media has gone completely silent on Russia? For the longest time you couldn’t tune into the evening news without hearing the same old, tired news about Russia night after night. But now? Crickets, nothing. It’s as if Russia has dropped off the face of the Earth almost. As our readers will remember, I’ve consistently said from day one that Russia did not hack the DNC, that they were not involved in the 2016 Presidential election, and that the media’s Russophobic campaign was purely a machination of the Deep State intended to prevent President Trump for improving relations with a country whose oil & natural gas Wall Street wants to control.

It would now seem that I’ve been proven right yet again. Amidst ongoing coverage of the Bannon’s ouster and the fallout from the Charlottesville riots and President Trump’s response to it, the mainstream media have gone almost completely silent on the issue of Russia.

Why? Two reasons. One, after almost eight straight months of obsessive coverage and an ongoing Congressional investigation, to date, no evidence has surfaced whatsoever to the effect that Russia meddled in our election. To the contrary in fact, evidence is now mounting that Russia wasn’t involved at all and that, rather than a hack on the DNC, it may well have been an internal leak.

According to a new report by a group of former US intelligence officials, Russia may not have been involved in the leak of DNC documents to Wikileaks at all. Something that Julian Assange has long maintained and that many have speculated to be the case in the wake of allegations that Seth Rich may have been the leaker in question. At the heart of their report is the contention that the documents taken from the DNC were transferred far too quickly for it to have been done via an internet connection and that the files were taken via a USB or Flash Drive, which would require the leaker to have had direct access to the DNC’s computers.

But wait, there’s more! Julian Assange, who as previously mentioned has always maintained that Russia was not Wikileak’s source for the DNC documents, met with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for three hours in which he promised to to reveal previously unseen evidence that Russia was not involved with what happened to the DNC.

Mighty coincidence that, just as all these reports are coming out, the mainstream media pivots away from Russia completely and onto a new made up scandal with the intention of smearing President Trump as a, “racist.” Why, it’s almost as if they’re trying to cover up a phony narrative they peddled to cover up Hillary’s loss in 2016.

Funny how that works isn’t it?


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