The Trump Presidency is in Danger

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that, at this very moment, subversive elements within the government of the United States were plotting the downfall of our own President? Not Russian agents, not hackers or even foreign spies but rather members of the President’s own party working with Democrats and spooks from the Deep State to orchestrate his downfall?

Odds are, if you’ve been following the news with a discerning eye as of late, that you wouldn’t be too surprised by this. Indeed, you might have already been suspecting it yourself.

Make no mistake, the animosity that President Trump endures each and every day from the media and those in the political class, on BOTH the left & the right, is not normal. When the media runs constant negative coverage of the President at the expense of actual news stories, it’s not normal. It’s not normal when the Congress of the United States, typically capable of agreeing on nothing, can suddenly agree, almost unanimously, to strip the Presidency of the power to adjust the severity of sanctions. It certainly isn’t normal that the party in power with the White House and both chambers of Congress is allowing a clearly partisan investigation of their own President, much less actively spearheading the investigation themselves as we’ve seen with John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Indeed, the Republican controlled Congress hasn’t been able to get anything done as of late besides relentlessly conducting a witch hunt into the President and his team of fellow outsiders. While the corporate, mainstream media may chalk this up to simple ideological divides within the Republican Party, any objective observer would be able to see it’s not quite that simple. Indeed, ideological divides do play a role but not in Congress’ inability to get another done despite GOP domination. The reality is that the ideological divide within the GOP now exists almost purely between Congress, the affluent Donor Class, and Think Tank establishmentarians & the base of the GOP itself which backs Trump overwhelmingly. The party establishment has come to hate the very voters that put them in power, because the voters in power prefer Trump’s vision for the GOP to their own. Hence, the GOP establishment has opted to work behind the scenes with Democrats to cripple President Trump and his America First agenda at every possible turn, leading to a wildly inactive, if GOP controlled, Congress.

When one really looks closely at the congressional wings of the both the Republican and Democratic parties, one will find that they are remarkably similar to one another despite professing intense differences. This is most obviously on display when it comes to foreign policy. Two of the most important foreign policy moments to date in the young Trump Administration include a Congressional vote to sanction Russia while simultaneously stripping Trump of his power to lessen or remove sanctions, which was greeted with almost unanimous support; and the ill-advised decision to bomb Syria. The latter of which was applauded by both sides of the aisle. More disturbing yet, in both cases the national media were fully supportive of these events, with little to no thought given to the potential downsides of each decision. Indeed when President Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Germany, an event that one would think a positive development in light of recent tensions, he was pilloried by the media for it. Any dissenting opinion on these topics is brushed away as mere, “Russian propaganda” and ignored. But why does the media do this? Why march in lockstep with the political establishment to such an insane, almost dictatorial, degree? To understand this, we need to first understand who the Deep State is and what their goals are.

Depending upon who you ask, the Deep State is most often described as a shadowy cabal of top ranking intelligence figures pulling the strings of the United States government from behind the scenes. While this is largely accurate, it doesn’t quite grasp the full picture. The reality is that the Deep State is best described as a tight-knit alliance of corporate interests, the intelligence community, and the political class in the United States.

In short, when Bernie Sanders makes the charge that the United States is run by an oligarchy, he’s not exactly wrong. He may be wrong when it comes to naming the culprits, but he’s on the money when he points out that this small group of elite insiders pulls the strings for their own benefit at the expense of the nation and her people.

Take for example the United State’s government’s current quagmire in North Korea. The prospect of N. Korea acquiring a functional nuclear weapon is one of, if not the greatest, threats to the national security of the United States in the world today. Failure to stop North Korea will result at best in a seismic shift in the balance of power between the US & China in the region and at worst in a nuclear holocaust for millions of innocent Americans on the West Coast. Yet, in spite of this clear and present danger, the US political establishment treats N. Korea as a secondary threat while focusing obsessively on the alleged threats posed by Russia and Venezuela, yes Venezuela, of all places.

Why is this? Because going to war with N. Korea or sponsoring a regime change there does not benefit the Deep State in any meaningful way. Major corporations such as Samsung, Kia, Hyundai, and LG Electronics but to name a few have a vested interest in preventing conflict of any kind on the Korean Peninsula lest it disrupt their business operations there. North Korea has no oil, or any other real natural resource of use either and so isn’t very appealing for those corporate interests who so dominate US foreign policy.

Meanwhile, countries such as Venezuela and Syria have become the objects of obsession for those in elite foreign policy circles seeking regime change. Why? Largely because both countries boast immense oil reserves that major oil companies would prefer to have under their control. However, neither country poses any serious security risk to the United States. Venezuelans voted time and again in free & fair elections to keep a dedicated Socialist in office whose policies have led to their ongoing food shortages and other crises. While some in the political establishment claim that this ongoing unrest endangers the United States, there’s no evidence to back that claim up. Indeed, if those at the top were so deeply concerned about a flood of Venezuelan refugees then why are they acting as though Trump’s border wall is an impossibility? If we have the money to launch yet another pointless foreign war we have no business being in, why don’t we have money for a border wall that would render alleged security concerns leading to such a conflict nil?

The fact is that oil is the driving force behind US elite’s intense desire to foment regime change in both Syria and Venezuela. Hence why we’re told there is no money for a wall that puts our citizens first yet there is money for a regime change in Venezuela that would benefit oil companies. The Deep State, once again, really runs the show and places their own special interests above those of the United States and her people.

So how does all this have anything to do with the coup that I’ve alleged those at the very top of the US political system are plotting against Trump? It demonstrates that the Deep State will consistently put their own special interests above our own. Anyone or anything that comes between them and their ability to control the government for their own gain will be treated as an existential threat.

Donald Trump is that threat. Hence the Deep State has declared an all out war on him. Constant, bordering on hysterical, negative press coverage and the leadership of both major parties conspiring to stall and block his agenda particularly as it pertains to foreign policy, trade, and immigration. Indeed, outright attempting to strip him of his power to affect change as we saw in the Russian sanctions bill.

In each of these areas Trump proposes radical shifts in American policy that would dramatically impact the fortunes of those very special interests that comprise the Deep State. From the importing of cheap, foreign labour to the end of pointless foreign conflicts that America has no reason to be involved in. No matter what Trump does, he will face intense and mounting criticism from an establishment that seeks his ouster. Take for example the reaction to Trump’s initial and revised statements on the riots in Charlottesville this past week.

As I wrote at the time, President Trump was completely right when he called out the violence, bigotry, and hatred on all sides. Yet this wasn’t enough for those in the political class who quickly jumped at the opportunity to paint the President as some sort of Nazi sympathizer…..even though much of his family & friend are Jewish and he’s condemned white supremacy before. In spite of these facts however, many on both the left and the right in Congress & the media seemed to suffer from a collective amnesia and forgot all this, opting to condemn and smear the President for not being, “specific enough” in his condemnation.

So, two days later, Trump gives them exactly what they wanted. A clear-cut condemnation of white supremacy and racism. How did the media and political class react? Not well, not well at all. Now the new line was that Trump’s condemnation either, “came too late” or that it, “wasn’t sincere.” The reality is that the political class have no real care in whether or not President Trump strongly condemns Nazism or not. After all, these very people are responsible for arming Nazis in Ukraine. They don’t care about stopping Nazism, they just care about maintaining their power and bringing President Trump down by any means necessary, even if that means making up imaginary conspiracies about the President being a, “Nazi sympathiser.”

What we’re seeing today is nothing short of a slow coup. The Deep State and her loyal puppets in the media have worked overtime to stir up opposition to Trump amongst the American people. Their hysterical and wildly inaccurate coverage of the Trump administration no doubt helped give rise to the Antifa terrorist organization which played a major role in the violence that overtook Charlottesville this past weekend. That violence in turn was shamelessly used by the political class and the media to slander and smear President Trump. Indeed, it’s even been used to call for the ouster of one of the most committed patriots in Trump’s administration, Steve Bannon.

The Trump Presidency is in danger and we must be vigilant. You cannot trust the Republicans in Congress to shield him, their lockstep condemnations of the President following Charlottesville show their true colors; a pack of self-serving cowards more interested in smearing the President they never wanted instead of backing his America First agenda. Putting themselves, their donors, and the political class before the American people. It is fine to disagree with the President on areas of genuine disagreement. But when we see so many on the right marching lockstep with the left and the media on a consistent basis, then we can only draw one logical conclusion: we’re facing a slow-moving coup and we better be ready to defend the President and call the lies out when the time comes. Because, as we’ve seen before with Trump’s monumental victory last year, the establishment can only be beaten when the people come out in force and let their voices be heard!


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