When Will Congress Stop Arming Nazis in Ukraine?

Imagine that the United States government had been actively seeking to arm and train Neo-Nazis for the purpose of subjugating a free people who sought to establish their own independent nation. It’d be shocking right? That the leading power in the free world would do such a thing? The media would be in an uproar right? Demanding that the United States government cease and desist in their arming of Nazis and that we condemn such a violent and hateful ideology right? Right……?

Wrong. To the contrary, the media has walked lock step with the foreign policy establishment of the United States in not only seeking to arm Neo-Nazis overseas but also in helping to prop up their illegal regime. Where you ask? Ukraine. Where, since 2014, the government in Kiev has actively organized and commanded the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. In 2016 the Jerusalem Post reported that the United States Congress voted overwhelmingly to begin funding this Nazi regiment in their fight against secessionists in Donetsk, as was also reported by The Telegraph which describe their actions as such:

“The Azov men use the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol on their banner and members of the battalion are openly white supremacists, or anti-Semites.”

Why is this important now? Because in the wake of the riots in Charlottesville following the Unite the Right protest in which three people died, President Trump issued a statement condemning political violence and racism in all their forms, regardless of which side it is coming from. But this wasn’t enough for many de-factio Never Trump members of Congress who suddenly began to chide the President for, “not specifically condemning white supremacists and Nazis.”

In light of this information regarding Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion that the United States Congress voted overwhelmingly to fund, one must ask, when will Congress consistently condemn Nazism then? As opposed to doing it only when it serves their own political agenda?

Make no mistake. Those condemning President Trump’s statement on the tragedy of Charlottesville are not doing so because they think he was going too soft on Nazis. They know he wasn’t. They’re going after him and using the incident to paint him as a Nazi sympathizer because they wish he would be removed from office so that a much more doctrinaire Republican like Mike Pence may be inserted. A man far more susceptible to the control of the GOP establishment in particular and the political class in general.

So which is it Congress? Do you really care about stopping Nazism? Or are you just trying to score political points against the President as you arm Nazis in Ukraine?


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