The Facts About Charlottesville

It has been, to put it bluntly, one wild ride after another these past 24 hours in American politics. Starting on the evening of August 11, 2017 members of the Alt Right held a mass rally to, “Unite the Right” in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. The underlying reason behind the rally was to protest the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee.

Within 24 hours of the start of the protest, things got ugly very quickly. Ultimately, by noon on August 12, three were dead. One as the victim of a domestic terror attack in the form of a car crashing into a crowd. Another two, police officers who died following the crash of the police chopper they were riding in.

Within hours, minutes really, of the riots breaking out; pundits and politicos across the nation were offering their take on events in the city. So what are the lessons of Charlottesville and what does it mean for American politics? Let’s find out.

Racism Breeds Racism

Make no mistake, the so-called Battle of Charlottesville is but the latest in a long and despicable line of battles in the War of Identity Politics. A war that started in 2008 when the left decided that they were going to elect the first black President of the United States, not because of his character, his morals or his principles or policies but because of the color of his skin. In so doing, the Left began the unraveling of the fabric of American life that had for 30 years all but eradicated racism in our society. They began to destroy the concept of what it means to be an American. Prior to the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the general consensus was that we were all Americans first and foremost, regardless of our religion, color, or ethnicity. From the very beginning of his Presidency, we knew of his mission to, “fundamentally transform” our country. Transform it into what? Many of us wondered. But now, with the clarity of hindsight, we know.

Over the eight years of the Obama Presidency race relations grew dramatically worse. Starting with the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012 after he attempted to assault community watchman George Zimmerman. Rather than condemn the young thug, Obama opted to declare that Trayvon could have been his son. Claiming that black men feared to walk down the streets of the United States because whitey might shoot them at any time. Subsequently, other shootings involving young black men and police officers began to occur and in almost each case, the evidence pointed to young hooligans attempting to break the law at best and attempting to kill police officers at worst. Out of this grew the so-called, “Black Lives Matter” movement which preceded  the pillaging and burning the city of Ferguson in 2014 and then unleashed a Jacobin reign of terror against whites on college campuses.

The media, quick to parrot whatever narrative the Left has at the ready for them, ran with the line that racism was allegedly epidemic in American police departments. Shortly after, a spike occurred in violence against police officers and the black community grew only more fearful of the men and women in blue, leading to even more tragedies of misunderstanding such as in the shooting of Philando Castille. By 2016 the fervent and growing racism against whites had reached near boiling point. As I reported on at the time, some colleges began to actively segregate white students from black and to offer course on the so-called dangers of, “white privilege.”  In perhaps one of the most horrific examples of growing racism against whites, a young mentally disabled man was kidnapped by four black youths and subsequently tortured live on camera as they shouted, “(expletive deleted) white people.”

In their hyphenated mania, convinced that identity politics was their only hope at salvation, the Democratic party added page after page of different categories of person that their party claimed to represent. Long gone were the notions of a united America. Rather, the left painted a picture of a nation that irredeemably evil; in which whites routinely abused non-whites and in which the only path forward lay in punishing and stripping those whites of their many alleged, “privileges.”

Needless to say, as with all forms of racism, this anti-white hysteria only served to grow hatred in the hearts of some young men towards those who now had actively begun to oppress them. Onto the stage strode one Richard B. Spencer. A young man whose views were just as ugly and just as hateful as those spewed by the thugs of Black Lives Matter. The only difference was that instead of whitey being the enemy, it was now everyone who wasn’t white; and so in August 2017 Spencer and his followers prepared to organize a rally in the city of Charlottesville.

Ultimately, the violence and lives lost today in Charlottesville must go down in American history as a damning indictment of identity politics. It was and is wrong for the Left to push a program that is actively hateful of white Americans. Indeed, to push racism of any kind, will only breed racism in return. This is the double-edged sword of identity politics and we must move to end this divisive delirium of racialism which has swallowed up the Left and which threatens to swallow up the Right as well. There is no room in our great nation for the hyphen. There is no Africa-American or White-American. There is no Asian-American or Hispanic-American. There is nothing but Americans and at the end of the day that is all that matters. We must unite and make America great again! Only a united nation will stand the test of time and we cannot survive if we continue to allow ourselves to be divided by something as petty as the color of one’s skin.

Communist Inspired Violence Erupts

In the wake of mass violence and the declaration of a state of emergency in Charlottesville, the media has been very quick to lay all the blame on the hands of Richard B. Spencer and his band of White Nationalist followers. Make no mistake, Richard B. Spencer is a vile man guilty of many sins, as are many of his White Nationalist followers, but he is NOT guilty for the violence that erupted on the morning of August 12th in Charlottesville.

To the contrary, the organizers of the Unite the Right rally had all their ducks in a row. They had a permit for their event to go forward and they largely were minding their own business prior to the arrival of AntiFa, the Democratic Socialists of America, Black Lives Matter, and the Communist Party of the United States. Indeed, for all their faults, the White Nationalists in Charlottesville seemed pretty content to mind their own business until AntiFa showed up to disrupt their event.

AntiFa, short for Anti-Fascist, is ironically the most authentically fascist organization operating in the United States today. Employing brownshirt tactics since shortly before the election of President Donald Trump to silence anyone and everyone from the right. Be it someone moderate like Ben Shapiro to speakers as flamboyant and controversial as Milo Yiannopoulos. On the day of Trump’s inauguration, as I also reported on, one young man from AntiFa walked up and sucker punched Spencer as he was calmly, and peacefully, giving an interview on a street corner. Elsewhere that day, AntiFa saw fit to disrupt traffic and physically assault the supporters of our President. One need only google AntiFa to discover a long and sordid record of their many violent crimes.

Wherever AntiFa goes, violence is short to follow and Charlottesville is no different. White Nationalists are repugnant and guilty of many things, including engaging in violence at Charlottesville today. But it is factually inaccurate and morally irresponsible to pretend that they are the instigators and sole perpetrators of the violence that erupted earlier today. The political class, dominated by the Left as it is, is very keen to ignore the role played by AntiFa, BLM, CPUSA, and other leftist organizations present in Charlottesville this evening. We cannot and must not allow the truth to be distorted by the powerful who seek to use this tragedy for their own political gain.

President Trump Did The Right Thing

Within hours of the outbreak of violence and the loss of human life in Charlottesville, President Trump took time out of his busy schedule to issue an official statement at a press conference about the protest and ensuing riots.

In his speech, the President laid out that all forms of hatred and bigotry are wrong and cannot be tolerated in the United States. He further added that political violence of any sort is wrong and will not be tolerated by our country and that in Charlottesville many sides were guilty of perpetrating and promoting this kind of divisive violence and hatred. As one might expect, the President was instantly under attack from those in the political class and the media for his statement.

What more could a President say at such a time you might ask? What else could he have said to condemn the violence on the parts of both AntiFa and White Nationalists in Charlottesville? Well, as former Vice President Joe Biden would have you believe, “there is only one side” and to even suggest otherwise is tantamount to being a Nazi sympathizer. Yes, really, that is the position currently being taken by the vast majority of those in the political class on both the Left and the Right.

The fact of the matter is this, part of the President’s job is to ensure the unity and stability of our nation and her people. President Trump’s statement did this brilliantly. Calling for unity while also condemning those who would wish to divide us and turn us against our fellow countrymen. In short, President Trump’s statement was a glittering condemnation of the tribalist identity politics that the Left has unleashed into our country and which has slowly begun to infect the right as well. President Trump’s statement is the antidote to identity politics, Biden’s tweet is the symptom.

This GOP Isn’t The Never Trump Party: Get Over It or Get Out

Special attention deserves to be shined upon those who have most vociferously attacked President Trump from the Right however. Many such as Bill Kristol, Kassy Dillon, the Reagan Battalion, and others but to name a few I saw on Twitter earlier this evening, have spent an inordinate amount of time attacking President Trump since his statement was issued. Indeed, many shockingly enough have gone so far as to laud Joe Biden of all people for factually inaccurate tweet that, “there is only one side.”

Here’s why this is a problem: where were these people the past eight years when then President Obama openly praised BLM in spite of their violent riots? Where were they when his Justice Department chose to go after cops instead of going after criminals? Where was this sense of righteous indignation when AntiFa attacked innocent people at Trump’s inauguration? The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is our President and he is the Leader of the Republican Party and you don’t like that, then show yourself the door. If you are going to spend more time focusing on factional squabbles against the President because you’re a Never Trumper then get out. This isn’t the Never Trump Party, that would be the Democrats, and if you’re more interested in joining hands with the political class to bash our President than you are in defeating the opposition, then you should leave the party.

It is fine to criticize the President when you disagree with him on a particular issue or when you feel he is in the wrong. But this is not what is happening. Rather, a particular group of individuals on the Right have consistently spent the vast majority of their time and energy attacking the President instead of helping to promote our party’s agenda on issue after issue and for what? Because they are upset that their faction within the party lost in the primary?  Get over it or get out.


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