A Populist Approach To Immigration

The election of President Trump and the rise of the populist right has put the issue of illegal immigration front and center. Many Americans tired of a lack of full enforcement during the Obama years embrace the vision of the president that ” a country without borders is not a country.” Many Americans reject the argument that putting a stop to illegal immigration is cruel and see border security as intrinsically bound with the national security of America.

Throughout the campaign trail the President’s rallies featured calls to “build the wall” and began with President Trump’s speech about dangerous illegals and drugs coming over the border. Despite the usual hysteria from the open borders left and some establishment Republicans, the truth is drugs are coming into America through the southern border. These drugs have devastated towns throughout America and have caused a tremendous amount of carnage. A border wall with Mexico would stem the free flow of dangerous drugs into the USA.

In addition, while there are hardworking people coming in from Mexico and Central America, coming in illegally is not acceptable. Furthermore, in addition to the hardworking, bad people like gangs and violent criminals are coming in as well. MS-13, a dangerous brutal gang from El Salvador, is one example and they have now infiltrated our borders and can be found in America. This is a national security threat and a danger to America.

Finally lack of full immigration enforcement and a lack of a border wall means a heightened danger of terrorists coming across the borders as well. As we have seen in Europe lack of border walls can lead to Islamic terrorists infiltrating the country. This is a massive national security threat. Hezbollah, the Iranian backed Islamist group, is known to have infiltrated parts of South America and therefore may be able to sneak in with illegals. The primary job of the President is to keep the American people safe and open borders is a national security threat.

Finally., while the elitists and leftists may argue it is cruel to build a wall and that in the words of then candidate Hillary Clinton “build bridges not walls” the reality is its cruel not to build a border wall. Allowing deadly drugs and violent gangs into the country is not kind hearted but cruel to the American public. Allowing a way for terrorists to infiltrate our border and cause potential harm is the epitome of cruelty. The time has come for politicians to recognize the importance of keeping out illegals, building a complete border wall and in doing so in the words of The President Make America Safe Again.


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