CNN’s Latest Scandal: The Final Nail in the Coffin?

CNN, the most trusted name in news, right? Think again. CNN has been collapsing for a while now with one scandal after another. There’s no way CNN could do any worse, could they? Well, they just did. A few days ago, a 15-year-old on Reddit made a meme depicting one wrestler body slamming another. The Reddit user edited a gif of then citizen Donald Trump tackling WWE Chairman Vince McMahon but in the edit, McMahon’s head was replaced with the CNN logo.

It’s all fun and games. No harm, no foul. Just a harmless joke at the expense of CNN. Never mind, this is the Left and their propaganda wing, the Mainstream Leftist Media we are talking about here. Once again, we see a huge double standard with the Left and the media. The Left immediately erupted in a rage, calling this a right-wing assault on the free press. Just another hate filled attack from the Right. At least that is what a Liberal will tell you.

What happened next sent shock waves throughout all mainstream media and social networks. CNN threatened to publish the identity of the meme creator, a 15-year-old boy. The Reddit user ended up apologizing and said he would take down the video. CNN even took it a step further. See image below to see what sparked a firestorm on social media and eventually became the #1 trending topic on Facebook and Twitter.


To me, this looks like one of the biggest media outlets in the world is blackmailing a 15-year-old boy, potentially putting his life in danger. This is not only shocking and angering, but potentially against the law. CNN, for all intents and purposed, threatened a minor. CNN should be investigated and possible even prosecuted for this latest stunt. The Left would tell you CNN wasn’t threatening the creator of the video, but the words and context tell a different story, contrary to their narrative.

One of the biggest unexpected impacts CNN’s latest statement has had is how brutal Social Media’s attacks against CNN have been. Memes, videos, and tweets have erupted over the last 24 hours with some as brutal as Donald Trump Jr’s latest tweet, “If only @CNN spent as much time tracking down info on IRS targeting, Fast & Furious, Iran deal etc. as they did a meme writer!”

Another diamond in the rough is from Sarah Huckabee-Sanders on Twitter, saying “instead of lighting fireworks, CNN celebrated Independence Day by blowing up their last remaining shard of credibility.” And finally, the best one yet, is a meme with the words, “Riddle me this: If CNN can locate a meme maker in hours, why haven’t they found evidence of Trump colluding with the Russia or evading taxes? For more entertainment, just look at Twitter and Facebook under the trend #CNN Blackmail.

This is just another example at the painfully obvious double standard of the Left. I can distinctly remember 3 incidents that depicted Leftist hate towards President Trump. One was a high school teacher pretending to shoot Trump on a projector screen while screaming “DIE! DIE!” The second incident, was a modern day adaptation of a Julius Caesar play by Shakespeare, which depicted men and woman assassinating President Trump by violently stabbing him to death. The third incident was most recent, where a washed up wannabe comedian, Kathy Griffin was photographed holding the bloody severed head of President Trump; a photo that even made Trump’s son Barron, fear that his dad was actually killed.

It is interesting and appalling that these people call these examples free speech, while at the same time bashing the 15-year-old boy who made the video, calling it a hateful assault on the media. Leave it to the Left to show their true colors time and time again. Honestly, it is not even surprising anymore. It has become common place.

It’s almost as if the Left and their propaganda wing have initiated a self-destruct sequence ever since Trump won the election in November. Until the Left learn from their mistakes, they will continue to see collapse all around them and experience one loss after another. CNN can’t seem to recover as they keep shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly almost on a weekly basis it seems. Could this very well be the end of CNN?


6 thoughts on “CNN’s Latest Scandal: The Final Nail in the Coffin?

  1. My military boyfriend and I support the left politically, and oppose our current President. He disrespects women, judges people based on their skin color, and lied about helping veterans during his campaign (their lives have seen no improvement or change as promised by Trump.) We choose to live morally and care about others, so we are Democrats.


    1. I have been in the Navy for 14 years and am proudly Republican. I have all too often seen the destructive effects of Democratic policies. Your party fostered the atmosphere that allowed this CNN blackmail to happen.


      1. Thank you for your service. Anyway, I’m in the business of converting soldiers into free-thinking people, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree about what is going on here with the meme shit. I know your president thinks only in memes, dollar signs, and tweets, but if you ask me it’s all a distraction from the real problem. Better start learning Russian (all of us)…


  2. Thank you. I respect your OPINION. Thats what it is, just an opinion, not fact. I’m sorry your party lost. Now take a seat and enjoy the next 4 to 8 years. Have a great day.


  3. You really need to stop pushing the Russia lie. It was already proven false multiple times already. Thanks for playing though.


  4. You call yourself a free thinker? You’re just s sheep, a puppet of the left wing propaganda machine. You think what the Left tells you what to think.


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