Faux Moral Outrage In The Age of Trump

On June 29th President Trump used his Twitter account to hit back at the hosts of Morning Joe. Commenting that he refused to meet with Joe Scarborough’s co-host Mika Brzezinski because her botched face lift had left her bleeding very badly.

Within hours of the tweet going live, politicians from both sides of the aisle were calling Trump out for his un-Presidential behavior, and let’s make one thing very clear, it was indeed un-Presidential. But let’s also not kid ourselves about the faux moral outrage the left has gone on in the wake of this event. Many are asking, “what will I tell my kids when they see the President of the United States talking like this?!”

Yet, the very same people echoing such sentiments were nowhere to be found when then President Obama openly told the nation, including children, that doing drugs was a-okay. Where, one begins to wonder, were these voices of moral outrage when Senator Obama voted to allow live babies to be thrown away to die as, “chemical waste” in botched abortions? Indeed, doesn’t anyone find it the slightest bit odd that the party which openly booed God on national television in 2012 are now suddenly the arbiters of what is right and wrong in our society? What is moral and what isn’t? Who are they, of all people, to pass such moral judgement? 

Indeed, what provoked Trump to lash out at Mika in the first place? To quote her: “Nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself lying every day and destroying the country,” she then went on to mock the President’s hands as, “teensy.” Gee, don’t you remember a time when the media, and society in general, actually respected their legitimate authorities?

Let’s be real for a moment, President Trump may be a bit coarse and vulgar in his speech sometimes, but do we have any evidence whatsoever that the man’s not moral in private or in terms of policy? To the contrary, Trump’s got an excellent record in both of these areas. Privately the man is a teetotal and taught all his children to never do drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. You would think that such wise, fatherly advice would be well received right? Well you’d be wrong, because instead the very same liberals in the media crowing about how, “immoral” the President is chose to bash him for not drinking and for instilling these values in his children.  On a policy level Trump may well be one of the moral Presidents to date. Issuing executive orders to protect the lives of the unborn and to uphold religious liberty.

President Trump isn’t perfect, none of us are. But he’s a spot better than those who boo God, tell kids that drugs are ok, and that promote the murder of millions of unborn children every day. We’d all do well to remember that the next time we hear the left screeching about how, “immoral” President Trump allegedly is and demanding to know what they’d tell their children about him. Indeed, many of them would do well to entrust their children with the President for a day, they just might learn some morals after all!


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