Anthony Weiner is Sick, But so is Our Culture

On Friday, May 19th Anthony Weiner broke down in tears as he plead guilty to sexting with an underage girl in court. “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse,” Weiner declared to the Court, and he’s right. He is sick but so is our culture.

Google Anthony Weiner and what is the first suggestion to come up? “Anthony Weiner Pics.” Our society is more interested in seeing a man’s genitals than they are in understanding the tragedy that he brought upon himself. Here we have a man who at one time was a rising star in the Democratic Party laid low by his inability to control his behavior.  Who went from a man who might have become President to a Registered Sex Offender. What went wrong?

To start with, our entire culture’s view of sex did. Weiner may bear ultimate responsibility, but let us not use that to whitewash our society’s role in the degradation of both sex and marriage. There was a time when sex was rightfully viewed as a sacred and holy act. Something that was saved for marriage between a man and a woman and which fulfilled two primary functions: the continuation of our species and as a form of passionate love and bonding between a husband and wife. Contrast that with what sex has become today: an act of hedonistic self enjoyment that is treated so casually people now are more willing to discuss it than their salaries.

In our, “enlightened” modern society one only has to turn on the television to see scantily clad women showing their bodies off like burlesque dancers and men talking about women as one might talk about a hunk of meat. Turn on the radio and you can tune into songs by Ariana Grande about having so much sex she can barely walk.

We have perverted sex and in so doing have created a culture that objectifies and devalues women while simultaneously encouraging men to not only abandon their natural roles but to actively engage in the opposite of what God intended them to be. While the left may like to argue that women today are allegedly treated with more respect than at any time in history, reality begs to differ. Today women are routinely used and abused by men and more women than ever before feel depressed and alone. It isn’t too uncommon to find many young women asking the question, “where have all the good men gone?”

Women naturally desire to feel both loved and protected while also wanting to love and care for a child. Men naturally desire to provide and protect while also desiring achievement in all areas of their lives, including sex. In this way we see how God, in his infinite wisdom, created man and woman complementary to one another. Each fulfills the natural desires and needs of the other.

Today’s perverse gender paradigms completely reject this wisdom. Rather than encouraging men and women to embrace their natural roles; it directs them to embrace their most selfish and hedonistic desires. “Forget motherhood,” says the Feminist left, “it is all about how many orgasms you can achieve.” “Forget caring for her and taking responsibility, it’s all about how many times you can get laid!”

In many ways, Anthony Weiner’s depravity is the logical conclusion of a culture that has chosen to engage in a race to the bottom rather than embracing the natural roles that enabled people to achieve their full potential in Christ. According to one report Weiner was busy sexting one of his numerous mistresses while his son was in bed with him. Rather than embracing his natural role as a father and caregiver, Weiner chose to give in to his most selfish desires, betraying both his wife and his family in the process.

Weiner’s case isn’t unique in this regard either. Consider for a moment the case of Justin Ross Harris, who left his infant son to die in a hot car while he was off sexting six different women behind his wife’s back. Yet another man choosing to reject his God given roles so that he might do what he wanted to do instead. Forsaking his duties as both as husband and a father to engage in selfish, puerile acts. A key component of the case against Harris was that he wanted to live a child free life. Why? So that he could do as he pleased of course. For women, one need look no further than the infamous case of Casey Anthony to see a Mother who abandoned her maternal instincts in favor of a hedonistic lifestyle.  Rather than embracing that which is bigger than ourselves, people today think only of themselves. All sense of honor and duty is abandoned in favor of fleeting pleasures and selfish ambitions.

Society has forsaken God and his vision for sex and the family. In so doing it has destroyed countless marriages and lives. Until we acknowledge that our society is sick, we will continue to have men like Anthony Weiner who do what they want at the expense of others. We will continue to see families destroyed and innocent young lives ignored and neglected at best or snuffed out completely at worst. Anthony Weiner is responsible for his choices, but we cannot ignore the impact our culture had on the choices he made.


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