Women, Embrace Your Femininity!

Let us imagine for a moment that there is a woman named Jane. Jane is 45 yet has never married, although she has built a fine career for herself. But Jane finds that her life is wanting. Loneliness is slowly killing her on the inside but none of the men she’s interested in return her affections. Over the course of her professional life she’s become increasingly aggressive and domineering, pushing even more men away from her. Indeed, her bitterness and habit of running roughshod over every single person in her life has left her socially isolated. Jane is what we might call a spinster. But, her life didn’t always have to end up this way.

There was a time when Jane was younger, happier, and more in tune with her natural functions. But, during these tender years, Jane was drilled by her teachers and pop culture into believing that she had to compete with the men in her life. It wasn’t enough for Jane to become a Mother, she had to develop a career. After all, if she didn’t become a businesswoman, would she really be happy?

Fast forward some twenty years into Jane’s life and we now have the answer; no. No she isn’t happy at all. Jane, you see, had been duped into forsaking her natural role and in so doing created a gaping void in her life.

Jane, like so many other young women today, was sold an insidious lie. She was led to believe that she could do anything a man could do. Not only that, but Jane was told that she should do whatever men could do. That she had a sacred duty as a woman to, “smash the patriarchy” by proving once and for all that she could one-up a man. Unfortunately for Jane, however, life turned out to be a bit more complex than that.

In her effort to imitate a man; Jane forsook her friends, romance, and finally her happiness. Jane lost her femininity in a mad dash to, “smash the patriarchy” and ultimately ended up only smashing herself.

Men and women are different, science shows us this, and contrary to what the left would have you believe there is nothing wrong with this. Indeed, it is the natural order of things. For example, women are wired to be much more social than men. Science shows us (at least until the left tries to censor it) that women tend to have more friends than men do. Why? Because whereas women’s minds place higher value on living a well-rounded life, men focus on achievement and status. This in turn leads men to typically work longer and harder hours than women do, often times picking fields of work that women would never go into as well. This not only results in men having less time for a more active social life but also explains the so-called, “gender wage gap.”

These differences only touch the tip of the iceberg as well. Down the line there is strong scientific evidence for the fact that women are not equal to men and likewise men are not equal to women. Women are physically weaker than men on average and men aren’t capable of tolerating the same levels of pain that women can. Equality is a pernicious lie that ‘has wreaked havoc upon mankind throughout history.

The reality is that men and women are different from one another, as all groups of people are, but that this is ok. We should embrace these God-given differences, for that was the Lord’s wise intention in making them. Women were not made to compete with men. They were made to complement men. Just as men were made to complement women; that the one shall not be alone without the other. Women, embrace your femininity! Embrace the inherent beauty of motherhood and the sacred bond of marriage early on. Lest you end up like Jane, focused entirely on her career in an attempt to emulate the achievement oriented mentality of men; and in so doing allowing your natural desires to go wanting.

Just as men need to feel respected and successful, women need to feel desired and well-rounded. When Feminists teach our young women to focus on nothing but their careers, they set them up for failure. Forcing them to forgo the activities and lifestyle that would allow them to meet their natural roles.

There is nothing wrong with a woman working. The problem enters when women are led to believe that they must embrace the same attitude towards work as men. That they must prioritize their careers over all other areas of their life. This robs them of their feminine nature and results in an imbalance that leads them down a road of aggression, depression, and emptiness.

Now more than ever, young women across our great nation should embrace the differences that make them great. They should embrace their femininity and Make American Women Feminine Again!



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