Yes, Black Privilege Exists

What would happen if a prestigious university announced that it was going to host a white only graduation, where only white students and guests would be allowed to participate? The media would go nuts, the school would be branded as racist and would be the subject of an economic boycott overnight. Within weeks hundreds of students would have dropped out and transferred elsewhere to finish their schooling. Teachers and faculty at the school would see their careers wiped out in the blink of an eye, their teaching days finished for good.

But what if we tweaked this scenario just ever so slightly. What if we made it a black only graduation instead of white? What would happen then?

Apparently, nothing! Yes, the above scenario is in fact a reality at Harvard of all places.

Why? Because equality or progress or some other vaguely defined concept really amounts to nothing. Here is the reality, Black Privilege exists and this is just the latest proof of it. Need proof? Let’s lay the examples out, shall we?

  • As Harvard’s segregated graduation shows us, if you’re black, you can do literally anything that a white person would get called racist for, and get away with it. Just look at how liberal news commentator’s jumped to defend this act of blatant segregation at one of America’s most well known places of learning: 

  • Yes, if you’re a black supremacist who doesn’t want anything to do with those darn, dirty crackers then you’ll be celebrated for it, not reviled as a racist like a white person would be. Have a black only college? A-Okay. A white only college? Racist! Have a magazine just for black people? A-Okay. One for white people? Racist! The list really can go on and on.
  • Let’s say that you’re not the most motivated person in the world, not the smartest either for that matter. In fact, let’s say you’re pretty lazy and some might even say an idiot to boot. Well, if you’re black, you don’t have to worry about how this will impact your educational and professional life. Why, thanks to Affirmative Action programs, there’s even a good bet that you might be able to get into a good college or a good job because the Federal government mandates that you be given such a special privilege because of the color of your skin; even if that means you’d be denying a spot to a struggling young white person who actually does work hard and try their best. But, of course, if such a program were to exist for white people it would be the end of the world; a sure sign of white supremacy!
  • Let’s imagine that you’re a poor, young black man living in a struggling neighborhood. Jobs are scarce and the community is riddled with crime and drugs. Well, because you’re black, the entire mainstream media and academia of the United States will obsess over your poverty. Not a moment goes by that someone, somewhere in the elite coastal cities of the United States isn’t studying your situation carefully, desperate to find out how to solve this massive social injustice. But, if you’re white and in the same predicament, then your plight will be ignored at best and at worst you’ll be told by your liberal masters that, “you deserve it” as a form of, “checking your white privilege.”


  • Let’s say that you’ve run a stop sign or sped through a red light. You’ve been pulled over by the police and are expecting a ticket. Well, if you’re black, odds are that in contemporary America the officer is terrified of invoking your wrath or having virtually anything go wrong with you. Because you, as a black man, can always claim, “racism” and destroy this man’s career. Indeed, in my own school I once attended, a teacher was called a “racist” by a young black student who had done poorly in his class. This student went on to sue said teacher. Fortunately, there were more than enough witnesses to testify that this wasn’t the case and the teacher’s job was spared. But what of those who aren’t quite so lucky?

Lists like these can go on and on and on for eternity. But one need only take a casual look around our culture today to see the emerging, and deeply disturbing, racism that has emerged towards white people. Be it the constant lie that whites, “don’t have a culture” or the implication that white people must be meek, weak, or just inept. “Pretty fly for a white guy” comes to mind, and that’s pretty tame compared to some of the stuff that’s come out in more recent years. Take for example a recent post on the tremendously popular website, “College Humor” that imagines what it would be like if there were a White History Month. In one panel, the comic alleges that government, as a societal institution, has always been “controlled and corrupted by white people.”

Really? Because history is replete with examples of black tribal leaders selling their fellow men into slavery to earn a quick buck. Is that not governmental corruption, even if only at a primitive level? Indeed, can you imagine the outrage if a comic suggested that black people were responsible for corruption in government?

The fact is that black privilege, indeed even black supremacy, exist! It is also a fact that there is a rising, and disturbing, trend of racism against white people. Indeed, in some areas of the world, such as South Africa and Zimbabwe, there is even an active genocide against Caucasians. Yet it is barely discussed in a mainstream, liberal media that actively despises white people. Even as I write this column right now, I know that there will inevitably be someone slandering me as a, “racist” over it because I am white and speaking these truths. But, if a black man where to pen a similar article about the phantom of, “white privilege” he would be praised as a luminary and a sociological scholar of the first rank.

At the end of the day, racism is racism. Regardless of whether one’s skin is white or black. If it is racist for whites to have their own segregated institutions, then it is equally racist for blacks to have their own. If it is racist for whites to use disparaging language about blacks,  then it is racist for blacks to use disparaging language about whites. If it is racist for a white person to demand true equality but not racist for a black person to demand ever more special privileges while at the same time slandering and disparaging the white person for the color of their skin, then black privilege is indeed a reality.


2 thoughts on “Yes, Black Privilege Exists

  1. I’m white and I don’t have white privledge. My family purely sadistic and brainwashed me from a young age. They made everyone flying monkeys to me so I had no ‘white community’ to back me up. I’ve been homeless, raped, arrested multiple times for crimes I never commited. This stated early in childhood and didn’t end until mid twenties when I finally found an escape that didn’t include rapes or beatings by other whites. Looking back I’ve worked jobs for weeks to never get a pay check. After telling my story of what happenef, still no one who has known me believed me. I’ve tried to get into college 3 times. Wish I could get one of those black scholarships. Every time Ivery seen the news, it’s pure propoganda against whites even though blacks as a whole commit more crimes, recieve more funding in all sectors of life, hav more chance of government jobs even though they are less qualified. They commit more violent crimes against each other and whites. Despite my abusive life by whites and brainwashimg, I’ve never committed a violent crime and I’ve always tried my best. Blacks as a majority blame someone else. I just don’t get it. Our culture and nation as a whole is being replaced and we are not having children due to white genocide behavior control and race mixing. This does not happen to the black community. I feel my life would have been better if I were black sometimes


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