Antifa: The Not So Anti Fascists

Lately, a new political group has been rapidly rising in popularity and following. This group calls themselves Antifa. They claim that it stands for Anti Fascism, but it stands for the exact opposite. Antifa has done nothing to combat Fascism. In fact, they have done everything to further the very thing they claim to be against.

Antifa came to prominence shortly after the 2016 Presidential election, in an effort to combat what they thought were Fascists, but were actually just Patriotic pro-Constitutional Conservatives who were sick of Obama’s assault on the rights of Americans. They claimed Trump was a Fascist who would attempt to take their precious little rights away. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They have done nothing but suppress free speech and try to censor opinions and views they don’t like or are offended by. There have been several examples of this recently. A while back, when Milo Yiannopolous was speaking at Berkeley, Antifa rioted outside, pepper sprayed a young girl, randomly assaulted Trump supporters, and attempted to burn down the campus in an effort to stop Milo from speaking.

Antifa has also facilitated book burnings all across the country. You would think they are burning all books, right? Guess again. They are burning any book with a Conservative theme to it. How is this not the very definition of Fascism? These people are suppressing viewpoints and ideologies different from their own. How are they any different from ISIS in this respect?

There have also been many reports of Antifa members even assaulting members of the press. The most recent example of this was on April 23, 2017 when Jack Posobiec, a journalist, was physically assaulted by a member of the Anti Fascism group, who later claimed it was self defense. I was not aware that someone expressing a view they don’t like is grounds for assault in the name of “self defense.” This hasn’t just been the press. Antifa have been going around randomly assaulting anyone who stands for Conservative values.

Even more recently, This group has been making some very disturbing claims. They have expressed the need to buy lots of guns and go through combat training. There have been threats from them about a civil war coming in the near future, although I am pretty sure we all know who would win between Conservatives and Antifa. They would run and hide at the sound of gunshots.

It had a picture of Antifa with a caption that read, “when people who are against the current President dress up like ISIS, you know you voted for the right candidate.” I think it is about time to start calling them out for who they really are. They are the true Fascists. They are the true suppressors of free speech. Not to go down the Hitler and Nazi road, but that is exactly what they did. They assaulted anyone with different views and burned books of different ideologies. They have more in common with Nazis of 1940 than they do with any other ideologies. Antifa really stands for ANTI First Amendment, because that is what they really are. They are the enemies of free speech. They are enemies of what makes this country great.


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