US Foreign Policy Has Made Us the Bully of the World

What would you call a person who uses their physical strength to intimidate and control what other people do? A person who imposes their will and views onto other people whether or not those people are for it? A tyrant? A bully? A dictator. All are good descriptors, but I’m talking about what the United States of America has become as a result of our failed foreign policy of the last fifty years.

The latest example of this is, sadly, Syria. Despite running for office on an America First platform that vowed to reject the nation building, regime change policies of Presidents past, Donald Trump took less than 100 days to succumb to the influence of the foreign policy establishment.

And honestly, who could blame him? Throughout the campaign and the opening weeks and months of his Presidency Trump suffered the persecution that all who challenge failed foreign policy orthodoxy do. Both GOP and Democratic Establishments viciously opposed and undermined him. The media, from all sides, assailed him. The intelligence community, vindictive as ever, went out of their way to leak documents from his White House to undermine him and rob him of control of the national narrative.

Indeed, the tipping point may have come with the purging of General Michael Flynn from the Administration, an act that itself was brought about the Intelligence Community, fearful that he would push the new President away from their hawkish agenda.

And then, Trump attacked Syria less than 48 hours after an alleged chemical attack that had occured in the Idlib Province. Now there are a number of potential reasons for this. Perhaps President Trump felt an emotional gut reaction to seeing pictures of dead children and as a result fired from the hip on this. Perhaps the intel community, wary of the fact that in 2013 the UN’s investigation found that the Syrian, “rebels” had conducted the chemical attack in Ghouta would happen again and opted to persuade the President to act as quickly as possible so as to avert another UN investigation contradicting Washington’s Official Line.

But what’s important to note is what happened after Trump made this monumental mistake. The entire political establishment did a one-eighty on him. Lindsey Graham, who’s good buddy McCain once said Trump could not be compared to Reagan, went so far as to say that, “All I can say about this president is he has the instincts of Ronald Reagan in many ways.”

Meanwhile over on MSNBC, an outlet that had come to personify the left’s hatred of Trump, he was being praised by every single panelist on the network.

Indeed, overnight Trump’s most vocal critics seemed to go silent; and all because he chose to launch an illegal air-strike on a Syrian air-base that resulted in the deaths of nine innocent civilians.  But as the American elite cheered on the brutality and coarseness of their aggressive attack, what were the Syrian people themselves saying?

Indeed, sentiments such as these can be found across Syrian twitter feeds. Horrified civilians, afraid to see that the United States has apparently intervened on the behalf of the terrorists that their government has been engaged in pitched combat against. 

This is not to say that the Syrian government is blameless. There are documented cases of all sides in this horrendous conflict. But that is not what America cares about, as history well shows us. Indeed, as the nine dead civilians from last night’s attack can attest, America doesn’t have any problem with committing war crimes or propping up regimes that do. What Washington’s foreign policy does care about, like all schoolyard bullies, is subjugating everyone else to their whims. Be it toppling Assad now or Gaddafi and Saddam yesterday, any leader that doesn’t toe Washington’s line and act like Washington’s personal puppet, even if they put them there in the first place as Iraq’s former Prime Minister Maliki found out the hard way when he was forced to step down for the crime of getting too independent for DC’s liking.

Much like the Federal Government at home having a problem with people being allowed to make their own decisions, the Federal Government abroad has a problem with allowing other sovereign nations to choose their own leaders or domestic policies. President Trump promised to put America First and stop trying to serve as the government of smaller, weaker powers abroad. Yet with his action on Syria on April 7, 2017 he has continued Washington’s long history of trying to enforce their will on those that are smaller and weaker than themselves.

As you are reading this, there are those who claim that what Trump did in Syria is merely a, “strategic air strike” and not an act of war. But ask yourself, would Trump and his defenders react the same way to Syria launching a, “strategic air strike” on us? Would you? Our grandfathers didn’t. They understood that the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor was an act of war that warranted response. But can Syria do that today? No. Because Damascus, like many other capitols of tiny nations around the world, knows that America would wipe them off the face of the Earth if they did try and fight back on their own. Yet we know America would never do this to a larger, more powerful nation such as Russia or China. Precisely BECAUSE we know that they would hit us back.

Like the cowardly schoolyard bully, our leaders disgrace America by targeting the small and the weak to impose their will on, regardless of what the American people or the foreigners in question think, and then backing down when a bigger, stronger child steps onto the playing field.

America is better than that, America deserves better than that, and the American people VOTED for a candidate who promised he would BE better than that. Yet, as we have seen, he has succumbed to the influence of those in power and chosen to attack Syria, a country that has never attacked us or sought to attack us. Syria has many, many problems. We don’t need to become another one like we did in Iraq or Libya. We have our own problems and it is high time we put our problems first, it is high time we put America First!




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