Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack: What You Need to Know

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar: In Syria, a country in which a brutal civil war has been ongoing for years, an attack occurs in which chemical weapons are used and the mainstream media & foreign policy establishment are quick to jump to the conclusion that the Syrian government did it…….even though there is no evidence whatsoever to back up that claim.

Sound familiar? It should, because that’s what happened in 2013 and it’s happening again now in 2017. Why? Because we now have a new President and the Deep State has determined that they might just have a chance to succeed here where they failed with the last President.

So what happened in particular this time? On Tuesday the fourth of April, 2017 in the province of Idlib, Syria there was an alleged chemical weapon explosion in the town of Khan Shaykhun, which is presently controlled by Tahir Al-Sham, an offshoot of Al-Quaeda in Syria.

Within hours of the attacks occurring the world’s media was quick to jump to the conclusion that the Syrian government must have been responsible, even though the UN previously found no evidence of Syrian governmental involvement in the last major chemical attack in 2013.

But let’s slow down and ask ourselves a couple of questions here:

  1. Mere days ago President Bashar Al Assad scored his most major diplomatic and public relations victory since the war began. With UN Ambassador Nikki Haley saying that the US government would no longer prioritize his removal from power as a precondition to peace. Why would he launch a chemical attack right after such a major victory? Why shoot himself in the foot? It just doesn’t add up. There’s no logical reason for the Syrian government to make use of chemical weapons and risk everything right after having achieved such a massive diplomatic win.
  2. Following a deal brokered by Russia in 2013, Syria voluntarily gave up its chemical weapons stockpiles. With both UN and US observers helping the Russians to oversee the entire process. This led to then Secretary of State John Kerry proudly proclaiming that all chemical weapons were removed from Syria. So how on Earth could Syria suddenly have such stockpiles of the weapons again if that were the case? Again, it doesn’t add up.

  3. In December of 2016, shortly after the liberation of Aleppo, it was reported that terrorist forces within the city had been manufacturing their own chemical weapons for use in the war. Particularly, it is believed that these terrorists would plant these bombs at military locations they knew were likely to be bombed, thereby allowing their activists to claim afterwards that each incident was allegedly a chemical attack carried out by Syrian forces. In other cases so-called, “rebel” forces would make use of these weapons against pro-government civilians such as we saw in Aleppo. Indeed, as was reported by ABC at the time: “Opposition forces have used suicide car bombs and mortar fire and also face accusations of using toxic gas as they fight to try to breach the government siege of rebel districts.” This leaves open the possibility that the, “rebels” themselves staged this attack, so why the rush to blame the Syrian government before any independent inquiries can be made? It would seem that the goal of the media here is not to seek justice, but regime change.

As we can see, there’s a lot about this incident that just doesn’t make any logical sense. Why would President Assad risk everything, especially right after a major diplomatic victory, by using chemical weapons that our own State Department has gone on record saying he does not have.

We cannot know for certain, but what little evidence we do have here seems to point towards a false flag operation. What do we know?

  • We know that the so-called, “rebels” have long been in contact with United States intelligence services such as the CIA.
  • We know that, under President Barack Obama, the United States intelligence services provided arms and intel to these so-called, “rebels.”
  • We know that President Trump ran on a platform of non-intervention and challenging the Deep State with his foreign policy views. A pledge that has resulted in the Deep State going to open war with him.
  • Finally, we know that, seemingly by coincidence, Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council a day after the alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Bannon being one of Trump’s only advisers to consistently challenge the narrative of America’s foreign policy elite.

What can we surmise from all this? It is entirely possible that, following President Trump’s decision regarding the future of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, that the Deep State made use of their contacts within the Syrian Opposition to plant chemical weapons created by the so-called, “rebels” at the missile factory in Khan Shaykhun that was targeted by government warplanes. With these chemicals in the building, the bombing resulted in their explosion and dispersal throughout the surrounding area.

What would be the purpose of this false flag attack? Much like the, “rebel” chemical attack in 2013 it would be to drive a wedge between Syria and the West and to try and force western imposed regime change.

Make no mistake, the people on the news talking about Syria are not telling the truth. They lied about Iraq, they lied about Libya, and now they are lying about Syria. Those on the ground that they consistently bring on to discuss the situation in Syria are always activists. Listen carefully and that word, “activist” pops up again and again in coverage of Syria. These are not objective witnesses, these are activists with an agenda. An agenda of regime change that has been shown to sow chaos and anarchy throughout the region in places like Iraq and Libya.

It is deeply saddening and troubling to see exactly how far the Syrian, “rebels” are willing to go in their crusade against Assad. Even murdering their own countrymen in cold blood in false flag attacks is not above them. Like Hitler and the Nazis, they stage these incidents in the hopes of sparking a war that they believe would benefit them.



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