The Left’s War on Family Values Wages On.

Last week, the less than sane Left came out of the closet and showed their true colors on how they feel about the traditional American family. Vice President Pence said something that sounds normal and even honorable to most people, except for the Left. Pence said that he does not have dinner with any women alone other than his wife.

To most sane and rational people, this sounds honorable. Pence is showing he is a man of honor. Many might not understand his lifestyle. Mike Pence is an upstanding God-fearing Christian. The Bible says husbands should love and honor their wives. Many Christians have different opinions on what this entails. For Vice President Pence and many others, it means to not have dinner or spend alone one on one time with a woman other than their wife.

Why not have dinner with another woman as long as there is no romantic feelings or attraction between the two? Is it because they don’t want to get caught? Is it because they feel they are so weak that they might be tempted to hit on or start an affair with another woman? The answer to both questions is an obvious NO. The reason people choose this is because of a couple reasons.

First reason being they want to avoid the appearance of evil. People love to gossip, so why give them something to gossip about. Even if nothing is going on, appearances are everything, especially when someone is in the public spotlight, like VP Pence. Second reason is that he saves alone time with women for his wife and his wife alone. There is nothing wrong with this.

However, the Left, who have been attacking the Trump administration for basically everything they can get their hands on since day one, took this opportunity to bash Pence. They called him a sexist, old fashioned, bigot. Vox even said Pence having dinner with only one woman could be considered illegal. Yes, you heard that right.

The reason this is such a big deal to the Left is because they do not support traditional family values. The Left has all but waged an all-out war on the traditional American family. From the transgender bathroom law, to Planned Parenthood, to the staunchly anti-God message of the Left; they have made their voices heard loud and clear. They are out to destroy traditional family values. The Left cannot stand anything having to do with Christianity or any values that could be associated with Christianity.

It has been evident more and more lately. It started out with gay marriage, but it didn’t stop there. Once gay marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court, the attack on Christianity went even further. Remember the Christian bakery that would not bake a cake for a gay wedding? The gay couple claimed the bakery owners “mentally raped” them. The owners had to pay the gay couple over $100,000 for the ordeal.

Then came the court clerk who would not issue a marriage license to a gay couple, who drove across state lines, to the ONLY court clerk office that was not issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. The transgender debate aimed to attempt and destroy gender roles and even destroy gender all together.

They didn’t care about putting little girls and women in jeopardy, as long as their so-called rights, which weren’t actual rights, were protected. Homosexual activist Masha Gessen stated that the LGBT movement is not seeking equality but rather a total dismantling of the institution of marriage itself.

You can be assured that this has nothing do with the Pence family at all, but is another wave in the Left’s attack on Christianity and the traditional American family. The Left will not stop until their goal is achieved. It is up to us to fight that attack and protect American family values.


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