Islamic Terror Report: 3/20/17 – 3/26/17

Here is a selected account of Islamic Terror from around the world for the week of March 20, 2017 to March 26, 2017.

  • In London, England on March 22, five people were killed including one American and a further 50 were injured when an Islamic terrorist took his car and began to ram into civlians along the sidewalk near the Westminster Bridge. The terrorist then proceeded to exit his vehicle and proceeded on foot through the carriage gates of New Palace Yard where brutally stabbed an unarmed police officer to death before being gunned down himself by a nearby officer.
  • In Mogadishu, Somalia on March 24, five were killed when a car bomb laid by an Islamic terrorist went off outside a hotel, injuring a further ten.
  • In Syria’s Daraa countryside on March 22, a man was tied up and shot by ISIS forces for, “cursing Allah.” WARNING: Pictures in accompanying link are extremely graphic.
  • In Maiduguri, Nigeria, which was also featured in last week’s Islamic Terror Report, three suicide bombers attacked the Gulumba Refugee Camp killing 13 and injuring a further 20.
  • In Baghdad, Iraq on March 20, ISIS carried out a suicide car bombing, resulting in the deaths of 27 people and injuring a further 45.

American Watchmen stands firmly with the victims and families of all those who have suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorism. Radical Islam is the greatest threat to not only the United States of America but also to Western Civilization in the world today. Furthermore, American Watchmen stands in solidarity with the people of London and the United Kingdom. The UK is one of America’s longest standing allies and we look forward to the day when allied forces bring justice to the barbarians responsible for last Wednesday’s attack.


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