Trump Kills Ryancare

On Friday, March 24th President Trump directed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to pull the AHCA, better known as Ryancare, from the House floor. Thereby preventing a vote on it. This came after almost two weeks of fevered negotiations between GOP Leadership and the House Freedom Caucus who opposed the bill.

Now, in the wake of Ryancare’s collapse, the mainstream media is touting this as a massive loss for Trump. But is it? Indeed, on the face of it, it may appear as though the new administration has suffered a massive loss. When one carefully examines the facts and President Trump’s modus operandi, it quickly becomes clear that this is in reality a massive win for both the President and the American people. Let’s review what we know:

  • From the very day it was put forward, the AHCA was virtually despised by all sides of the political spectrum. The left hated it because it didn’t keep enough of Obamacare’s features intact. The right hated it because it kept too many of Obamacare’s features intact. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was no realistic way this bill would ever pass due precisely to what was in it.
  • During the course of negotiations between GOP leadership and the HFC, former Speaker John Boehner weighed in to clarify that, “In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like. Not once,” which leads us to our next point……
  • Shouldn’t Paul Ryan, a veteran politician with eighteen years of experience on Capitol Hill, have known that the bill he presented President Trump would never pass?
  • President Trump is not a politician. He’s a businessman and deal-maker who is new to the inner workings of capitol hill. Because of this, even in light of Ryan’s incredible disloyalty during the campaign, he kept Ryan on because that is what businessmen do. In the realm of business petty disagreements aren’t what matter, experience is. Ryan, long touted as a policy wonk of the first grade, fit the bill perfectly as the man President Trump would have wanted to help him negotiate the intricate inner workings of the legislative process as he got used to the Presidency.

So what can we deduce from all this? I think the answer is fairly obvious. Paul Ryan, in his first major act as Speaker under the new administration, sought to undermine the President.

Imagine the situation from President Trump’s perspective. You’re a relative novice in the realm of politics and are reliant on the team of experts you’ve chosen to surround yourself with to help you get your agenda through. Part of that agenda, indeed a key campaign promise, is to repeal Obamacare. Your Speaker, who has previously been disloyal to you throughout the campaign, comes to you with a bill that he claims will both repeal and replace Obamacare. However, there’s a catch. The bill will be unpopular in the Congress and a deal will need to be struck with those who oppose it if it is to pass. No problem right? After all, your entire career experience has been that of a top grade businessman and deal-maker. After all, you wrote the Art of the Deal.

Unfortunately for you, political negotiations for votes aren’t exactly the same as business negotiations for contracts. No matter what you take out or put into the bill, someone will continue to be vehemently opposed, why? Because key aspects of the bill itself are flawed and cannot be fixed within the framework of the bill. Why is that? Because your Speaker, who’s garbage heap of a piece of legislation is unpassable, has set you up.

You now are beginning to understand what President Trump has gone through in these last few weeks. Why’d Ryan do it? Because he desperately wishes that Trump were out of the picture. He’d much prefer any other globalist, establishment Republican be in the White House than Trump.

Indeed, despite the fact that Ryan wrote the bill and gave it to Trump, the media have tried to pass this off as, “Trumpcare.” Too bad for them that, for the good of the American people, President Trump killed what was in reality Ryancare on the 24th of March. Even so, the fake news media continues to seek to use this incident to attack Trump as they always do. Even if his actions saved the American people from a horrendous healthcare bill, the media is making it look bad in the eyes of those who cannot discern reality from fiction. Indeed, it would seem to be a dark time.

But, there are a few bright sides to all of this:

  • We know that President Trump is a fast learner. He demonstrated this time and again during his meteoric rise to the White House. He’s learned from this incident and now will know better how to proceed going forward the next time on this issue.
  • President Trump now knows that Paul Ryan cannot be trusted. Either to push legislation for him or to craft it. Indeed, it would be most wise of the President if he were to call for the Speaker’s resignation.
  • By killing the establishment’s horrendous version of Healthcare Reform, President Trump is now free to advance his own America First Healthcare Agenda without much opposition from the weakened establishment; who’ve lost all authority on which to discuss this issue.

As always, it is important to learn from the past in these types of scenarios. When has Trump ever let his supporters down or been proven wrong? Not once, not once in two years now almost. The important thing for all Republicans and Trump supporters to remember now is that he will pull through; and next time, he’ll do it with his own agenda. Not some watered down establishment pipe dream like Ryan had to offer. Indeed, with each subsequent try one’s chances of success improve exponentially and next time there will be no setbacks on the road to repeal Obamacare.


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