The Blaze Suspends Tomi Lahren for Thought-Crime

Do you remember a time when Conservatives stood for freedom of speech? I do. Yet today there is sadly a group of people on the right who do not.

Yes, I’m talking about those guys; the Never Trump, holier than thou crowd.

We here at American Watchmen are quite familiar with this, increasingly insignificant, faction of the right. After all, we were only founded after myself and our other founding editors were sacked from Red Millennial due to our support of Donald Trump during the election. We know very well what Tomi is currently experiencing.

So what are the Never Trumpers up to now? Cheering on the Blaze for suspending Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren of course. What did she do? Well, to hear them tell it, she came out as pro-choice on the View and this, according to them, is an unforgivable sin.

I beg to differ. The right has always had the one-up on the left because of our being rich in diversity of thought. We had rigorous internal debates while the left marched on with their borg-esque hivemind. It isn’t an unpardonable offense for Tomi to be both pro-choice and a Republican. However, that’s not what’s really at issue here.

For weeks Glenn Beck, owner of the Blaze, has grated with Tomi publicly due to her support of President Trump. Indeed, for weeks now before Tomi’s comments on the View occurred, it was being hotly speculated as to whether she’d have a future at the Blaze for much longer.

While Glenn Beck isn’t particularly well-known for his intellect, (after all, we’re talking about a man who covered himself in cheetos and who has for years now deluded himself into thinking he’s some sort of savior to the nation) it would seem that he had a rare flash of strategic brilliance here. Perhaps realizing that he couldn’t out and out fire Tomi for her support of Trump without facing MASSIVE backlash, Beck waited until an opportunity arose to cover his real motives.

When Tomi went on the View and came out as pro-choice, he had his excuse. After all, if Beck had openly fired Tomi for supporting Trump he’d utterly destroy what little remains of his crumbling empire overnight. However, by framing it as him firing Tomi for being pro-choice, he’s managed to save face with some on the right for a little while.

Here’s the biggest issue in this whole story: Even if you disagree with my theory that Beck is merely using this as an excuse to fire a Trump supporter, then you know for certain that he’s suspending Tomi over having an opinion.

The last I checked, the right was supposed to be about freedom of speech and expression, even if you disagreed with it. Apparently not so to Glenn Beck and the Never Trump crowd. To them, all that matters is desperately grasping for power and influence in a world that has increasingly left them behind in favor of real leaders like Donald Trump & Marine Le Pen. Indeed, throughout the campaign, the Never Trump wing of the GOP showed itself time and again to be more loyal to their globalist agenda than they were to the American people and nation.

Let Glenn Beck and his fast sinking ship cheer while they still can. Their day is fast fading, but for those of us like Tomi, who believe in putting America First always; the dawn has just arrived.



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